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Go Fit Girl! wants to hear from her readers

Keeping readers informed while on the road.

I have asked my readers what they think of the new look of the blog. And I haven’t gotten a lot of responses.

I know bribery works. So let’s have a Comment Contest Tuesday to get the comments flowing.

Tell me what you like about the new look, maybe things you don’t like. Was there anything about the old look you preferred? What do you think about being able to sign in to Go Fit Girl! with your Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts? Does the site seem to be running faster than before?

This is a great time to ask me any content questions as well. Feel free.

OK, here are all the rules for this week’s Comment Contest Tuesday. You can comment as much as you want.

Each comment in its own post will get your name thrown into the random drawing twice.

To participate in Comment Contest Tuesday you must submit your answers in the comments below. The comment has to be relevant to what I ask or mention above.

Comments via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. don’t count. You have until Friday, April 27, noon my time to comment away.

6 Responses to “Go Fit Girl! wants to hear from her readers”

  1. alicia Says:

    i like the new look of your blog. love the tabs on top so that if i feel like reading a certain subject i can easily find it.

    it seems that when i click on your link it takes me to your blog much quicker. in the past there was a delay.

    i love the fact that you created a fb page for your blog. i like knowing that there this a new blog entry.

    one thing that seems to be missing is the section about who go fit girl is. that’s generally the first thing i read when i stumble upon a new blog and i want to know a little bit more about the writer.

    good job on the new look!

  2. Nicole Whiting Says:

    Hi Ann, firstime commenter! I just logged on w FB, that’s a nice feature. I like the look and functionality of your blog. I guess, content wise, it would be interesting to have a little more personalization to the top content of the blog, like links to your fav classes/businesses/etc, or interesting events you have coming up. Nice work overall! –Nicole

  3. Jen Cieslak Says:

    I love the new tabs at the top and the photo! I have a couple design nitpicks, but I’ll e-mail you personally. I don’t know that anyone would notice them other than a designer. 🙂

  4. Jen Cieslak Says:

    Ooh… and I love that I can be notified about follow-up comments now (and log-in with Facebook)! Cool new features!

  5. Jen F Says:

    I like it. The tag cloud on the right makes me laugh because the “big” words are really similar to what mine might be. Only thing I would change is, I think the picture in the upper right hand corner should rotate through your posted photos. I keep getting a random mountain one that doesn’t seem to relate to anything.

    Congrats on the “new digs”!

  6. Ann Says:

    Thanks for all the great comments. All suggestions are being taken into account as well. We are still tinkering.