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Comment Contest Tuesday

Cooking multiple meals or parts of meals at once is a way to help myself out for the week. It’s easy to prepare my lunch or dinner by grabbing a tupperware or two out of the fridge, which was prepared ahead of time. (Lots of veggies going on in that picture. I love vegetables.)

I had promised you an exciting Comment Contest Tuesday. Well, this isn’t the one I promised. Sorry, that awesome one will be coming soon.

But for now you get a different one. (Which I am a little excited about.)

I have been pretty busy lately and I just feel like I can’t get everything done I want to at work and at home. My life feels a little crazed.

So I want to know from my busy readers, how do you do it all? Whether you are a mom or a dad or some sort of caretaker or someone without kids or with grown kids or someone with a lot of responsibility in your life.

How do you get it all done? Or maybe you don’t. What do you sacrifice? Sleep, exercise, eating healthy? Do you have work/life balance?

For me, things around the house can suffer. Or maybe I am so exhausted when I get home that I just have cereal or popcorn for dinner or sometimes I skip dinner (gasp!) or just have a glass of wine (double gasp!!).

I try to catch up on weekends. Or I am so tired from my busy week that I just veg all weekend and get nothing done.

Sometimes I will get multiple outfits ready (picked out and ironed) for the workweek or I will cook a big batch of something for a few meals throughout the following week. This past Sunday I prepared a few posts for the blog as I knew this week would be busy.

I’m hoping the comments in the post will inspire, help, give guidance and or/ideas to each other.

Here’s the drill. For each separate comment you make you get your name thrown in a hat twice for a random drawing for a prize. You can comment as many times as you want. The more the happier I will be. And you want to make Go Fit Girl! happy, right?

And this time you have a whole week to post, until next Tuesday (July 24) noon, my time to comment away.

Comments will only be counted if they are made on this Comment Contest Tuesday post. No comments on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail count.

So start commenting ladies AND gentleman. I look forward to hearing from my readers.

3 Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday”

  1. alicia Says:

    i feel like i never have time to get things done since both work and my personal have both gotten so busy and crazy. the thing that suffers the most is the amount of sleep i get. i feel tired all the time and noticed that i drink coffee more to try to keep myself going.

    i find the thing that helps me the most is planning. i grocery shop every friday. i hit trader joe’s and safeway and i buy enough for a week. i also hit target once a month and buy enough supplies for the house so it’s usually a big trip. when i grocery shop i try to buy things that are easy to prepare. tj’s has items that are easy to put together and fairly low in fat such as vegetables, carnitas, frozen pastas & soups, chicken teriyaki, and a few other items. two main staple that I get from safeway are their soups and fat free yogurt. They are great to have around when you need something for lunch and breakfast. Just remember to read the labels to see which are low fat.

  2. Nicole Meade Says:

    What DOESN’T fall through the cracks!?! I work 37.5 hours a week and have 3 sons; my husband has 2 sons. The boys all have their sports and activities. I try to do yoga 3 times a week at a minimum, get to spend as much time as possible with the kids, and get one on one time with my husband. It’s a constant challenge. Sometimes I look at the yard or the house and realize that if I had more time, the garden would be nicer, the house tidier, more organized. Our house was built in the 50s so there is a lot of maintenance it needs to keep it nice. I try to clean as I go (I follow advice I got from Real Simple magazine years ago and keep cleaning supplies under every bathroom sink) and also to enlist the boys to clean up after themselves. The challenge is that when I was growing up cleaning and tidying were obsessive and I always dreaded cleaning day. My mom was a drill sargeant when it came to that stuff, so my challenge has been to find ways to give the boys responsibilities and keep the house nice without making it a negative experience or a fight. Sometimes I set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes and we do a fast pick up, to see how much clutter we can pick up in that time. When the time is up we’ve usually gotten it all, or enough of it that I can breathe again! I hate clutter and stuff and am much more spartan in my ownership of possessions than my children, with their endless games and toys and ipods, so it can be a challenge, but I try to remind myself that it’s normal to have toys strewn about when you have children. The house doesn’t have to be showroom quality – it just has to be clean and safe and comfortable. I like having a garden, too, and that suffers when I work so much. I have found that I can assign watering flowers to the boys as a daily chores, and they enjoy it! My husband stays home in the summers and I find that, although it’s wonderful to have him home with the boys, so they don’t have to fill their summers with camps and can read and swim and have friends over, my husband’s idea of cleaning and mine are different. I have learned to take the attitude that he cleaned up, I am not going to fuss over it or do it over or correct it – it’s good enough and I appreciate the effort and the thought that went into it. Self care and time for yoga are hard for me, too – I feel bad leaving the family for yet another hour when I have been at work all day. We purposely bought a house only a block away from my yoga studio, and that helps – there are times when everyone is engaged in an activity and I can slip away and grab a class. After I go to yoga I feel so much better that it reminds me to make it a priority. Balancing food prep is the same way – when I eat well I feel well, so I make sure that grabbing crappy food isn’t even an option. I’ll get lunches ready the night before, and try to always have something healthy that the kids or I can grab (boiled eggs, cut up fruit, cheese) in a pinch. That has made eating well at work much easier. I also changed my schedule so that I don’t have a lunch hour (I get home an hour earlier, and with eating at my desk I am far more likely to eat a healthy lunch since I am not tempted to go out). I’ve found that the mental energy it takes to stay aware of all my choices throughout the day is worth the good result that happens when I make the right ones.

  3. alicia Says:

    one thing i found that works for me is to grocery shop in the mornings on the way to work.

    lately i’ve been leaving the at 730am to avoid the morning to commute. so on my way i make a stop at safeway (the ones where i live are open 24 hrs). the advantage of shopping that early is that you literally have the whole store to yourself! no lines, no waiting for people to get out of your way or trying to avoid hitting people with your cart. the only thing that may be hard is shopping for seafood. if you want a custom cut of fish or some specialty seafood like fresh scallop, the seafood stand doesn’t open until about 9am. once i’m done i drive to work, unload the perishable items and dump them into the fridge and/or freezer at work. by this time it’s 830am. just don’t forget about them when you leave for the day!