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Sometimes you just need a break

My gym bag was packed and ready to go.

I had every intention of going to the gym tonight. I packed my gym bag last night.

My gym buddy texted me today telling me that she wouldn’t be joining me for class tonight. I still planned on going on my own. I was going to run an errand before class started.

But once I got on the shuttle I realized how tired I was. I haven’t been sleeping very well this week. And last night was the worst.

I even napped a little on the shuttle ride.

(It’s funny. I just saw a commercial for MidNite, a sleep aid. The website states the tablet is non habit-forming dietary supplement made from a complex of natural sleep ingredients, including the same substance your body makes as part of your natural sleep cycle. I plan to do more research on this later.)

Once we got back to our cars I realized it was best if I just came home. I normally exercise every day. So taking an occasional day off is fine. I came home and cleaned the house as we have a house guest coming tomorrow. (Yippee! I’m excited about my friend Jen visiting.) If I would have gone to the gym class I wouldn’t have gotten home until about 8 and would still have to clean, shower and make dinner.

I think I am gonna go to bed early tonight as I am feeling pretty tired. And I plan to hit the gym tomorrow morning.

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