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Are you inspired by Go Fit Girl!?

Even while traveling (in the UK) I try to keep my readers informed.

Recently I debated if I should keep up with the Go Fit Girl! blog. It’s a decent amount of work. I consider it my second job, which I don’t get paid for, and it is rather time-consuming.

I do enjoy maintaining it and doing the research and learning things and sharing it all with my readers. But I had started to wonder if it was worth it.

I love getting comments. But I rarely get them.

Occasionally I hold something called Comment Contest Tuesday to generate comments and get my readers more involved. But I have to say it is like pulling teeth to get people to comment. And with Comment Contest Tuesday my readers have a chance to win a prize. Seems pretty easy to me.

When you comment you have to give your name and e-mail address. Only your name is published. And it doesn’t have to be your full name or your real name.

The reason you have to fill in your e-mail is to help eliminate spammers. I won’t ever share your e-mail. And the only time I use it is to alert you that you won the random drawing for Comment Contest Tuesday and to send you your prize.

Recently people have been coming to me and telling me how much they love reading my blog. Some of them I had no idea they were even readers.

Some women have told me they read regularly but never comment. Some say they don’t know what to say. Well, I know that we all have something to say. Don’t be afraid to comment.

I have been told I inspire, motivate and my readers just enjoy reading what I write about.

The more people I talk to the more I realize the blog is important to me and to my readers and it must go on.

Here’s what some of my readers have to say:

  • My mom and I read it together.
  • You inspire me.
  • Your blog is awesome!! I totally love it.
  • I like to share things with my daughters that empower women.
  • I love the way you write.

So no worries. The blog will go on. And I appreciate all of my readers and your support.

And I would love to hear from you in any form: in person; via e-mail; Facebook; Twitter; comments on the blog.

Stay tuned to learn how you can continue to show your support to Go Fit Girl! besides just your great comments.

6 Responses to “Are you inspired by Go Fit Girl!?”

  1. Jessie Says:

    I have a research question for you! I need a gym bag, since I’m carting my stuff around in an reusable shopping bag at the moment, and it’s not big enough and its awkward to pull everything out every time I need something. I’m trying to find a good one, but I don’t really know what a gym bag *needs*. A wet towel compartment? A smelly shoe compartment? Do I need to get a proper gym bag or is there another type of generic bag that would suit as well? Like a nylon duffel bag or something.

  2. Jen Says:

    I really think that the best way to know whether you’re getting a return on your investment (time, money or both) online is to see whether it affects people’s lives offline (decisions they make, people they tell, things they do). It sounds like you really do affect people’s lives online and offline. One good way to see who you’re reaching is do things like your monthly challenge… or “Team Go Fit Girl” on a charity walk or something (with your URL on a t-shirt).

    As an amateur (and rare, these days) blogger, myself, I know how frustrating it can be not to get comments. Sometimes it feels like you’re having a conversation with yourself and just waiting for someone to join (I stole that from a tweet). And then other times I’m creeped out when I realize I was blogging my inner-most thoughts — and people were actually reading them! But that’s another story. 🙂

    But you really do inspire me (and I know others, as well) to live a better, more fit lifestyle! I’m glad you have your blog and hope it stays around for quite some time! Now I gotta go get some Diet Coke water…

  3. Ann Says:

    Jessie–I promise to answer your question. It has been added to my list of items on my list I want to research. Thanks for the idea! But for now I can say, you can do better than the reusable shopping bag. 🙂
    Jen, thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. And I love your ideas. I have actually been looking for hot pink sweat bands to put Go Fit Girl! on. And I have thought about the T-shirts. Now I just need to do it. And drink your water! 🙂

  4. alicia Says:

    since i “liked” gfg on fb, i have read every post that you have made. i find your blog to be very inspiring. some of my favorite things you have written about are “finding time to do it all”, “the water challenge”, and “eating healthy”.

  5. Ann Says:

    Wow, thanks, Alicia! Your words are kinds and I can’t believe you have read every single post. Thanks! Readers are supporters like you are highly valued.

  6. John Says:

    I’m glad you enjoy what you do. Cause if you didn’t, you should do something else. I wish more people enjoyed what they do. The world might be a bit brighter.