Major Munchie Monday

The “candy baby” from Costco fills my candy bowl at work. (It’s not called a baby because it is small but because it is the size of an actual baby.)

Wow, I don’t know what happened today.

All day all I wanted to do was eat. I had the munchies. I wanted to eat carrots and I wanted to eat candy and I wanted to eat chips and just about anything else I could get my hands on.

Since back to a healthy routine I probably haven’t had more than a couple of pieces of candy in one day. Normally I don’t have any.

I lost count on the amount of Rolos, Reese’s, and Peanut M&Ms that went in my mouth.

It’s a good thing I gave myself some wiggle room to work with when hitting my goal weight minus two.

I don’t know if the munchies were because I have been awesome in the healthy lifestyle and needed a break or because of my cycle or because I gave myself permission to have whatever I want starting Wednesday (but I actually started Monday) or or just because today was a day with major munchies and snacking needed.

I did go to my regular Monday night gym class and sweated a ton of calories off. Woo-hoo! And then I came home and made a high veggie dinner with a little bit of shrimp: filling, delicious and healthy. Just the way I like it.

Man, I love veggies. Thank God I love vegetables!

And, of course, I have had a ton of water. I had one cup of coffee this morning and then the rest of the day has been just lots and lots of water.

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  • Jessie

    Tell me more about the high veggie dinner! I think that’s where I need more inspiration. I went for a run this morning (5.3km) and was hungry all day. Managed to contain the snacking to an apple and two small fun size chocolates. And lots of water!

    • Ann

      Jessie–you have inspired yet another post. Stay tuned.