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Want to shop AND support your favorite health, fitness blogger?

The items pictured are just some of the items you can find in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store.

Remember earlier this week when I said there was a way you could support Go Fit Girl! even more than you already do as a reader (and hopefully as a commenter)?

Well, today I am going to tell you how you can fully support GFG!

Go Fit Girl! has her own Amazon store. You can use that <– link or you can go to the About page on the blog or you can click on any item in the My Favorites you see to the right –> on the blog.

By buying items from the Go Fit Girl! Amazon store  you are showing extra support.

Go Fit Girl!’s Webmaster (aka The Husband) and I will continually add items to the store. I am already working on more items to add.

If there is something you want to see in the store just let me know and we can add it. You can post the item in the comments section or e-mail me the link at

And thanks again to all of my readers, for your comments and your support. It means so much to me.

Now let’s start shopping!

3 Responses to “Want to shop AND support your favorite health, fitness blogger?”

  1. Jen Says:

    Done and done. I needed a new water bottle… and I’ll be coming for that tea tree shampoo when I’m out of the current stuff! 🙂

  2. Ann Says:

    You are one of my best readers/supporters!

  3. alicia Says:

    very cool! love how you have skinny cow as one of your items!