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Back to life, back to reality

That’s the most activity my travel yoga mat got over the trip: taken out of the car and thrown on the floor.

Today our vacation ends …

Well, we still have a few more days off. But today we take off and drive back home to the Bay Area.

I have had a great time visiting family and friends. But frankly, I am looking forward to getting back into my routine … my healthy routine.

Our one day stay in Phoenix and our stay in Tucson I did well with the exercise. (I had already given up in the healthy food department.) I believe I got to the gym four days in a row. I even exercised on Christmas morning.

Once we hit San Diego I got super lazy. It doesn’t help that our hotel doesn’t have a gym. But I did bring my travel yoga mat, which never came out of the bag.

If I were a runner I could have taken off down the boardwalk with all the other runners and gotten my cardio in.

But I am not a runner and really have no desire to become one. I already tried it and it just didn’t work out. It doesn’t help that I absolutely hate running.

The longer I maintain a healthier lifestyle the harder it is for me to be off of it. When I just know maintaining healthy routines is impossible or I just don’t want to for a period of time I go with it, like the past few weeks.

Though throughout the week I threw in an occasional healthier meal: salmon one night for dinner; nigiri sushi another night; caesar salad with chicken and dressing on the side instead of the jalapeño pasta I really wanted; oatmeal for breakfast instead of a muffin or scone; yogurt and hard-boiled egg for breakfast a couple of other times.

The amount of alcohol I have consumed has also been much higher than normal. But hey, I’m on vacation.

I always look forward to getting back to my routine. And that is the plan for me starting tomorrow. And this is why I am OK and allow an occasional week or two or three “off plan,” because I usually have a date in mind when things will get back to normal.

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