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Comment Contest Tuesday=fun free stuff!

You have a chance to win one of these goodie bags. Fun things are inside. Comment below on why you like or read GFG!.

I would say 2012 was a successful year for Go Fit Girl!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my loyal and supportive readers and give you a chance to win some items, which can be found in Go Fit Girl’s Amazon store.

When I first posted this it was only linked up on Go Fit Girl!’s Facebook page. So Go Fit Girl! page “Likes”Β  and regular readers had first opportunity to participate in this Comment Contest Tuesday. Later on it will be (was) posted to my personal Facebook page.

To participate in this week’s Comment Contest Tuesday you must post in the comments below why you read or like Go Fit Girl! If you are a first-time reader, feel free to mention what you would like to learn or what you hope to get out of reading this blog.

(Just an FYI that the bags are girlie. Boys are welcome to participate as you can keep it for yourself or give to your mom, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend, cousin …)

You can comment as much as you would like–but you will only get one bag or the opportunity to win one bag. This way we can share the love. You have until noon (my time–Pacific) next Monday, Dec. 10 to participate.

You must comment below. E-mails, Facebook comments, Twitter replies, etc. don’t count.

The first three people to comment will automatically receive a pink goodie bag. All of those who comment after that will be put into a drawing for an opportunity to win one of multiple goodie bags. Most bags will contain two little gifts. Two bags will include a stocking stuffer Charity Gift Card. Β And one bag will include an iTunes gift card.

You can keep the items for yourself or give them to someone else. All will make great stocking stuffers.

Thanks for your support. And good luck.

There will be another Comment Contest Tuesday next week. So make sure to check back.

22 Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday=fun free stuff!”

  1. Alicia Says:

    I read because I like the tips and how you deal with trying to stay “good”. It shows you are a real person with a job and other responsibilities who is trying to just do it all or as much as you can. Other blogs I read just always seem to make it sound like doing it all is easy and we all know it is not. So thank you for your posts and making me feel that I’m not crazy with my day to day challenges and showing me that I’m not alone when I deal with them.

  2. Ann Says:

    Happy to not make you feel crazy, Alicia and to be real. That is so important to me.

  3. Monica Says:

    Dear “Go Fit Girl”,
    there are a lot of reasons why I read your blogs. I like that you take the time (do not know how you do it!!) to research topics and that you just “don’t make it up”!!!! I always feel that you are REAL and that like us you try your best to make it all work (family, work, free time, and exercise). I find your suggestions and your input about food and exercise very helpful, even though sometimes it is not easy for me to follow them πŸ™‚
    It makes me think that we do have it easy, and that we are the lucky ones, because there are a lot of people out there really struggling, and in your blogs you motivate us to be better person and to help other, not to just think about us.
    Also, I like to read your blogs because that is the time of the day where I have 5 minutes to myself where I just sit down and block everyone and everything else out πŸ™‚

  4. Ann Says:

    Another real comment! Thank you, Monica. And thanks for appreciating my research. I do focus on educating myself and my readers. Happy to hear that taking time for yourself involves Go Fit Girl! πŸ™‚

  5. Jen Says:

    I read because it’s motivational to hear about an “authentic” person who has to deal with fitness in the real world! Keep it up, Go Fit Girl. I appreciate hearing about your challenges as well as your successes.

  6. Ann Says:

    And yet another real and authentic comment. Glad to know I am motivational. Thanks, Jen.

  7. Jeremy Pepper Says:

    Why I like or read Go Fit Girl? That’s way too much pressure. Hmm, you were one of the girls I had a crush on at the Wildcat? I like to support friend’s who blog? You’re doing yoga, but I still think you should move on to Pilates?

  8. Ann Says:

    Thanks for your support, Jeremy. It means a lot.

  9. Ann Says:

    Wow, all three comments are so kind. I am truly humbled by your words. And you three ladies automatically get a goodie bag.
    OK, next set of commenters, you are in line for a number of goodie bags. Your names will be thrown into a drawing.

  10. Ann Says:

    Wait! I mean all four! I hadn’t approved Jeremy’s comment yet …

  11. Jeremy Pepper Says:

    I can actually use grammar – and realized that when I retyped friend’s blogs to friends who blog, I kept the apostrophe.

    I feel like I should be beaten.

  12. Ann Says:

    Well, I am the dope who didn’t fix it!
    No matter how careful and anal I am I still notice typos or grammatical errors after I post.

  13. Nicole Says:

    I like GFG for the challenges: they’re challenging (go figure), elegantly simple, and impactful. thanks!


  14. Ann Says:

    Happy to come up with challenging challenges. I try to make them achievable but still to take an effort otherwise what’s the point, right?

  15. Jen Says:

    Like many of your other readers, I like Go Fit Girl because of the real-life approach to fitness and nutrition.

    It’s so easy to get discouraged or distracted in our journey to a more healthful life. That makes it even more comforting and reassuring to read that someone who’s had as much success as Go Fit Girl might also get distracted or discouraged β€” but always finds a way to bounce back!

    I’ve also gotten great exercise advice here on this blog, including from the guest yoga instructor (Hilda), who advised to listen to your body and ailments. Maybe I should know that, but I definitely needed to hear/read it!

  16. Ann Says:

    I am happy to give a real-life approach and to share my successes and my struggles. And glad to hear you have gotten great exercise advise. We gotta get Hilda to write another post.

  17. Gail Says:

    I like to read about another person’s struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle while dealing with everyday stresses. It’s relatable and everyone can take away a tip or two to incorporate into his/her life.

  18. Ann Says:

    Yup, we all struggle in life. I am glad to share that as well as tips and be relatable.

  19. Nicole Meade Says:

    I read the Go Fit Girl blog for several reasons. It started with my desire to catch up with an old high school friend and see what she was up to. I also am interested in keeping healthy and always welcome practical advice from others who share that interest. The thing I like most about go fit girl, though, and what ultimately keeps me coming back to read, is the well-rounded, balanced approach that seems to me to be the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Too many fitness-focused resources tend to shame and blame, and focus on extremes of diet and exercise-that just makes people feel worse about themselves and perpetuates old stereotypes of fitness obsessed intolerance versus out of shape slovenliness. The truth is that we all contain the desire for fitness and the desire to splurge and relax-a truly honest approach to health takes both into account and finds a way to embrace both. I really appreciate that go fit girl writes about her commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise while at the same time making room for treats and rest without guilt or apology. The fact that there is a strong commitment to charitable giving and the occasional discussion of the mental part of health are important to me too. I always feel like I come away with something interesting to think about.

  20. Ann Says:

    This was one of my favorite comments from Nicole: I like the well-rounded, balanced approach that seems to me to be the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for appreciating my full approach on living a healthy lifestyle, which includes helping others and our own mental health.

  21. Ann Says:

    Thank you for all the amazing comments. I plan to personally comment on each one. I am very touched by what you all had to say. Thank you so much!


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