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Baking squash and adding grains

Baked acorn squash with cous cous and brown rice.

Baked acorn squash with couscous and brown rice.

In a quest to try new things for this month’s Monthly Challenge I grabbed an acorn squash at the grocery recently.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So I went online to find some recipes. I would have made a soup. But I didn’t have the other right ingredients or enough squash.

First I baked the acorn squash for about 30 minutes in the oven.

This site had many options to choose from with recipes. I went with a variation of No. 2.

I had a little couscous. It wasn’t quite enough for a filling filling so I added a little brown rice.

The couscous was a frozen variety from Trader Joe’s, which included some squash and seasonings. I added seasonings to the brown rice and mixed the two grains together.

It was delicious, healthy, filling and different. I liked it.

I used the other half one day for lunch and just had it as a side vegetable along with my zucchini “pasta” and brown rice.

In my research I found an article, which talks about 10 other healthy grains beyond brown rice, such as barley, couscous and quinoa, just to name a few.

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