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Being aware of trivial complaints is half the battle

I feel fortunate that Curt and I get to travel regularly. We love San Diego. This is a shot from our hotel room while staying there in December.

I feel fortunate that Curt and I get to travel regularly. We love San Diego. This is a shot from our hotel room while staying there in December. I try to remember how lucky I am when complaining about trivial things. 

One of the challenges in this month’s Go Fit Girl!’s January Monthly Challenge is to try to go one day with no complaining.

This one is definitely a tough one. I have had discussions with others on this one. And there has been some discussion on the Facebook event page.

But I think it is open to interpretation.

I also think that if we are just made more aware of what we are bitching and moaning about then it’s a win.

When I complain about a co-worker, is it really about them or me? And is it something that needs to be addressed or is it something that I need to learn to just ignore or not bother wasting energy on?

There are times complaining is needed and necessary.

I don’t want to get extreme. But I think if you have cancer you are allowed to complain about it.

If you and you’re partner had a fight and you need to talk to a friend about it, you should.

I think we all really know when we are just being complainers and when our “complaints” are warranted for conversation.

I really started thinking about this part of the challenge more yesterday. (BTW: I am a habitual complainer/venter/exaggerator.)

In Bay Area terms it has been pretty cold. As I was driving to the gym yesterday morning it was 37 degrees. I saw three homeless people walking around while I was driving in my warm heated car while wearing gloves, jacket and scarf.

Man, that always makes me feel so bad and reminds me how grateful I should be that I am so lucky and fortunate.

Today at the grocery I was chatting with the cashier at the self-checkout. I had a coupon and he had to write all over it so someone couldn’t reuse it. I asked how someone could reuse it at the self-check out. He said people will put tape on a straw and try to get the coupons out of the slot where they are inserted. Other times he sees women come in with their kids and they just scarf down food as quickly as they can and then leave.


I guess you do what you have to do to survive, right?

I think if you are just more aware of your “white whine” and first world problems you will be a better person and more aware. And this will put life into perspective.

2 Responses to “Being aware of trivial complaints is half the battle”

  1. Alicia Says:

    I typically do not go out for breakfast, but this month I did a few times, I know it’s not the healthiest. Typically I get an omelette, scrambles or eggs over easy. This month I did poached eggs! Delicious! Healthier than what I usually order.

    I also worked on not complaining. I vent since at times it’s a one time thing where I get annoyed and it’s not a huge deal. What I have been working on are constant complaints on re-occurring problems. It’s just not constructive and I know it becomes annoying to those who are listening to me.

  2. Ann Says:

    I love making poached eggs. And I use my egg poacher regularly:
    Glad to hear you are becoming aware of complaints and venting that is not constructive. I think that is the main battle. Good for you!