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Review Wednesday: Shake Weight

Lindsey showing me how to use the Shake Weight.

Lindsey showing me how to use the Shake Weight.

I got my hands on a Shake Weight®. It was a gift at my work White Elephant lunch. The recipient didn’t really want it and let Go Fit Girl! take it and try it out for a review.

I have tried it out and done some research for my readers.

The box claims you just need to use the Shake Weight six minutes a day for great arms. But I can’t find anywhere on the box or website that tells you how often or for how long you need to use the Shake Weight to achieve those great arms.

The weight came with a DVD, which gives the basics on how to use the weight. It also includes the 6-minute routine, which I tried three times in one week.

Beginning of the video claims the shake weight will work your chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders. When using the weight I felt it most in my shoulders when doing the 6-minute routine.

At the end of the workout, Lindsey (from the DVD) probably has us do the basic Shake Weight routine for about 30 seconds and tells us this move will make us feel like our arms are getting tighter, stronger and more toned. Frankly, I just felt burn and fatigued muscles. But that means it was working.

I skipped a day and then tried one of the 30-minute workout routines I found on How to Shake it.

The 30-minute routine I tried was the Total Body Extreme workout. It was a good and sweaty workout. Almost every move incorporated the Shake Weight, which wasn’t always necessary and sometimes quite difficult to shake that thing while trying to also do a lunge. But it was a good workout and challenging.

While using the weight I can definitely feel fatigue in my arms. But I haven’t felt sore afterward or the next day. Most times after a weight workout my muscles are sore the next day.

The thing that makes the Shake Weight different than other weights is the “dynamic inertia.” According to inertia means: the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force.

According to dynamic means: of or pertaining to force or power. … of or pertaining to force related to motion.

There was no entry for the term dynamic inertia.

The Shake Weight comes in 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds and 10 pounds (the Shake Weight for men).

I have the 2.5 pound weights. Though I weighed one on a very reliable scale it only clocked in at 2.4.

The weight definitely works. But I am not sure if it really works any better than a regular ol’ dumbbell. And eventually when working with weights you need to graduate to a higher weight to keep your muscles challenged and to get stronger and not plateau.

WebMD also reviewed the Shake Weight, you can read it here.

I give Shake Weight 3 dumbbells. It works to a point but I wouldn’t call it revolutionary.

The Shake Weight gets 3 dumbbells.

The Shake Weight gets 3 dumbbells.


4 Responses to “Review Wednesday: Shake Weight”

  1. John Says:

    Have you seen the South Park episode with the Shake Weight?

  2. Ann Says:

    No, but you are the second person to mention it. So now I need to go look for it.

  3. Ed Says:

    Just so you know your staying up late to write a review on Shake Weight was not totally un-noticed, I thought I should say I read it thought you gave a very fair review.

  4. Ann Says:

    Thanks for all of those compliments, Ed. Much appreciated.