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Go Fit Girl! LOVES her amazing, beautiful readers (with prizes)

Comment Contest Tuesday on a Thursday winners will receive the prizes pictured above.

Comment Contest Tuesday on a Thursday winners will receive the prizes pictured above.

And the Comment Contest Tuesday on a Thursday winners are revealed.

Six wonderful women participated and six wonderful women are getting a little something for showing love to themselves.

Three were my some of my regular readers/supporters/commenters. And three were new commenters but I suspect regular supporters/readers. 🙂

The question was simple: What do you love about yourself?

But for many the answer was not easy. We all had to really dig down and be true to ourselves. And the things that came out were amazing!

  • Brenda: I love my knowledge of sports, I can talk sports with just about anyone. I also love teaching, which is my profession. I enjoy sharing my knowledge about nutrition and fitness and shedding light on what the truth is versus myths and fads.
  • Melanie: I’ve learned to love and appreciate my body – that took a long time, but after having Lexi I have come to a much bigger appreciation for my body & love every curve that comes with it. I love that I’m a good friend. … I love almost being 40 – the older I get the further I move from self-doubt and the closer I move towards self-love!
  • Andrea: I realized that I love it that I am a good listener and can just be present in both the joyous and painful times of life with people. … I also love being strong. I am strong physically and mentally.
  • Stephanie: (I love) how I can really listen when other people need that shoulder to lean on. I kind of pride myself on the fact that I’m really good at being there for others if they can trust in me.
  • Alicia: I have hobbies such cooking, baking, crocheting, and knitting that I feel passionately about and I want to share with others. … (I love that I don’t let) anyone talk me into having kids when I really don’t want them.
  • Nicole: I am loyal, I am patient and tolerant, I am accepting and I am helpful. … I always see the good in everyone, even, after 40 years, myself.

(For full comments, go here.)

Because of the amazing comments these ladies made they are all getting a little somethin’ somethin’ from Go Fit Girl! from yesterday’s Review Wednesday.

Brenda, Melanie, Andrea, Stephanie and Nicole each get a Yes to Carrots lip butter (my new fave lip balm) and a the tye hair tie.

Alicia won the drawing for the “grand prize:” Yes to Cucumber shampoo and conditioner samples; Yes to Carrots Body Butter sample; THREE Yes to Carrots lip butter and a the tye hair tie.

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