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Yawn … so sleepy

Here I am zonked out on the couch with my Joey, who is also snoozing away. He was such a cuddle bug.

Here I am zonked out on the couch with my Joey, who is also snoozing away. He was such a cuddle bug.

I eat fairly healthy and exercise regularly. I drink lots of water.

But I feel tried most of the time. I don’t sleep well.

I fall asleep just fine. Usually I zonk out on the couch while watching TV. But I wake up during the night. Sometimes just once or twice. Sometimes 5-6 times a night. Sometimes I fall asleep quickly. Other times I feel like I am awake for hours. I try to not look at the clock.

There are times when The Husband will ask how I slept. Then he tells me how he slept great. I usually know this as I was watching him sleep … sometimes contemplating his murder. (Just kidding about that last part.)

So many other women I know don’t sleep well either. Why do women have such a hard time sleeping?

The Sleep Doctor says, women face particular challenges to sleep throughout their lives. Research shows they are more likely than men to experience difficulty sleeping.

The above-linked post also says this can have to do with hormones, menopause and peri-menopause and raising children.

In the article titled, Why women have trouble sleeping and strategies to sleep better, it says women’s tireless quest to “take care of everything” could be robbing you of the precious sleep you need – and deserve – to stop feeling chronically exhausted.

The article lists strategies on how get more and better sleep. They are all good advice and reasonable, except maybe the one about not having alcohol after 5 p.m. Does that mean I should start drinking at work?

Seriously, they are good. But some just aren’t doable in this busy world.

An hour to wind down before bed is great advice. But for someone like me who usually has about 2 hours from when I get home to when I need to be in bed I usually don’t get more than 15 minutes to unwind. Exercise early–I personally would love to get my exercise out of the way early on in the day. But again, just not practical. I already get up at 5:30. And my schedule is somewhat limited with exercise and yoga classes I enjoy taking and a work shuttle bus schedule with a long commute.

If you truly have insomnia you should check with your doctor. The National Sleep Foundation does a thorough job of exploring insomnia.

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