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Being OK with this week’s challenges

Bear Down, Arizona, with a beer at Ellis Island Casino & Brewery.

Bear Down, Arizona, with a beer at Ellis Island Casino & Brewery.

I was in Vegas for a long weekend with The Husband and our good friends.

As I said in yesterday’s post I gave myself permission to eat and drink whatever I wanted.

That being said I didn’t go super nuts. Many of my meals were decent in the calorie department, in fact, some were actually healthy.

I told myself that starting today I would get back to healthy living. And today I did. In fact, I was so busy at work that I didn’t even want to snack. And I hit the gym after work for my usual Monday night body conditioning class.

This week is going to be interesting and challenging with some added emotions.

This week is my boss’ last week. He is about to retire. I have worked with him for almost eight years. He has been my only boss while at Onyx. He is my boss, my mentor and my friend.

So besides the emotions associated with my boss retiring and the craziness going on at work with added projects and playing catch up for being out a whole TWO days there will be eating and drinking fests with a major challenge to my regular exercise routine.

I’ve come up with a plan to deal with the challenges this week. But I have also accepted the fact that it might not all go as planned. And I am OK with it.

If I am able to keep up the exercise and keep down the caloric intake, awesome. And if not, no biggie. I will get back to it next week.

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