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Comment Contest Tuesday goes old school

old skool

Check out my new Wave Hoop. Also shown are prizes you can win in this week’s Comment Contest Tuesday.Β 

Cinderella dressed in yella went upstairs to kiss a fella … made a mistake and kissed a snake … how many doctors did it take … 1 2 3 …

I am already thinking about Go Fit Girl!’s April Monthly Challenge.

A few of my readers were excited about my hula hoop post and were hoping for a challenge associated with the hula hoop. OK, in order to get ready for next month’s challenge many of you likely gotta go shopping.

I braved Toys R Us/Babies R Us on the way home tonight. I must really love you guys because I HATE that store.

I found some jump ropes and a fun pink, sparkly hula hoop, which I discovered once home that it is a Wave Hoop, filled with liquid. The Wave Hoop website saysΒ the patented liquid core makes hooping 10 times easier than a regular hoop. I am pretty good with the hula hoop and frankly, I didn’t notice it being any easier.

As I purchased a hula hoop for myself I also saw jump ropes on sale. Ideas were coming to me and I decided before you go buy your hula hoops, let’s have a Comment Contest Tuesday.

So today’s very impromptu Comment Contest Tuesday is going old school.

Tell me what exercises you do now that are old school or ones you see your kids doing, nieces or nephews, the kid who lives down the street. Or what things do you remember being fun that were actually exercise?

The things that come to mind for me are hula hooping, regular sit ups (not fun, but old school), hopscotch, jumping rope …

What else can you come up with?

Five people can win: one of three jump ropes or one of two Toys R Us gift cards for 5 bucks each to go toward your hula hoop. (My Wave Hoop was 6 bucks.)

Comment below and tell me about your old school ideas. Every comment will be entered in a drawing to win one of the five prizes listed above. If you don’t win a jump rope or hula hoop you will still have plenty of time to hit Toys R Us or anywhere else that sells hoops and ropes for the April old school challenge.

You have until next Tuesday, March 19 at noon my time (Pacific) to comment as much as you like.

20 Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday goes old school”

  1. Andrea Says:

    My daughter does frog hops and running up bleachers for soccer practice. Talk about a total burn in your legs!

  2. Ann Says:

    Oh yes. Frog hops are good. Recently in one of my body conditioning classes the instructor made us do these crab crawl things. Maybe one of our Monthly Challenges will be all “animal” exercises. πŸ™‚ Ugh, running up bleachers will definitely get those thighs burning.

  3. Brenda :) Says:

    Gosh, I haven’t done anything “fun” with my workouts for awhile. I always enjoy my workouts and what I do with them even though I workout at home. I guess I will always love the basics (“old school”)…squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. You can get a total body workout that way. I do my cardio outside or on my stationary bike. Don’t get me wrong I do own a few “toys”…stability balls, tubing, air discs and a kettle bell. But honestly with all of my years in fitness and training, you can never go wrong with doing the basics. Guess I will change up where I can next month. πŸ™‚

  4. Ann Says:

    Bascis are always good. Next month think basics with pizzazz. πŸ™‚

  5. Jen Says:

    I also like to hula hoop. There’s a fitness class called “hoop your buns off” that is lots of fun (even though it doesn’t affect my buns much).

  6. Ann Says:

    I want to hoop my buns off (and my thighs and …). I bet it is great for the core and middle. Cool!

  7. Nicole Meade Says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait for the April challenge! I am totally hula-hoop challenged, and I want to finally learn how to keep it going for more than 4-6 revolutions. My kids have a great fitness coach who rolls pretty much old-school all the time. He has great after-school conditioning classes that my boys attend not because they need to be more fit, but because they LOVE the games and activities. I try and use that love as inspiration in my own fitness goals. I have a rule for myself fitness-wise – if I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it. Anyway, I digress. The super cool old-school things that my kids and their class mates do include: dodge ball (with soft balls!), jump rope and double-unders (no bounce in the middle – super-fast jumping) bear crawls, relay races, monkey bars, handstands, and what they call box jumps, where you jump with two feet onto the tallest box you can find. They also have these huge ropes mounted from the ceiling for the kids to shinny up – which is a hugely awesome workout, judging from my 10 year old’s abs!

  8. Ann Says:

    Wow, those all sound pretty amazing. Wow, dodgeball with soft balls. What a concept. I remember some hand ball game we used to play and if you touched the ball but dropped it you had to run to the wall and touch it before someone beaned you with that little blue ball. Terrible!
    Some other great old-school ideas you shared.
    And happy to hear you are excited about the hula hoop challenge. It should be fun.

  9. Andrea Says:

    I have being thinking about this on my long commute…and I thought of “tag.” My kids love running around and chasing each other and me. Sometimes all the neighborhood kids get involved. Talk about a pure cardio workout. Also, my kids love running backwards and skipping and marching. I often forget that those work different muscles that I usually work.

    Once the snow melts, I think I am going to have to go to the playground and make an obstacle course and play follow the leader. Think of all those different muscles that the kids use just playing at the playground. WOW! It’s amazing!

  10. Ann Says:

    Tag is a great example!
    I love the idea of an obstacle course.
    I was thinking about the rings on the playground where you can kinda swing like a monkey–like monkey bars–maybe monkey rings. πŸ™‚

  11. Jen Says:

    My first inclination was to write that I hated exercise as a kid. But that’s not exactly true. I hated PE class: running, pull-ups (which I can’t do to this day), sit-ups, push-ups. Not fun, especially when you were a (ahem…) slow kid.

    But then I started thinking about all the things I did like to do. The PE class usually had a special “treat” when we accomplished all our regular goals. Kickball. That was super fun, didn’t take a lot of skill, and I imagine it was a good workout! I also loved swimming (even swimming laps), dancing and hiking.

    I’m lucky that as an adult, there are gym classes that involve the things I DO like about exercising. Zumba is one of my favorites, and that certainly incorporates a favorite “kid” activity. But now I’m not self-conscious about getting all sweaty in class. Who cares!? πŸ™‚

    Also, I’ve worked with several trainers over the years, and they’ve all had me jump rope like a crazy person (read: a lot). It’s a phenomenal workout for the body and mind (I still haven’t gotten the coordination down!).

  12. Ann Says:

    I HATED PE. I am not athletic or coordinated and just dreaded playing baseball or volleyball or whatever. I felt so lucky to go to Tucson High, a fine arts school. I was able to take dance in lieu of PE. It was really great.
    I love dancing as well. Sometimes when home alone I crank up the music and have a solo dance party. It’s fun.
    I have been doing a little research on jumping rope for the April challenge and that is a major calorie burner. When I used to take kick boxing she would have us warm up with 3 minutes of jumping rope. Three minutes is a long time!

  13. Monica Says:

    After some research I finally found the name of the game my sisters and I used to play when we were young. The name is “zoom ball”… basically have to shoot the ball from one player to the other. The ball is position on a double rope, and the rope is attached to four handles (two or each player). You need to open your arm wide in order for the ball to reach the other player….a good upper body workout!! We used to do a lot of games outside. Now that I am a little bit “older” I go to te gym and mostly take classes. But I still love to go or hikes and to ride my bike.

  14. Ann Says:

    I just looked up zoom ball and now I totally get it. That does look like a major upper body workout. That’s a great old school game.
    “Older” ha ha!
    I love that you ride your bike. I don’t own a bike, but even if I did I wouldn’t ride it.

  15. Alicia Says:

    I remember doing jumping jacks in middle school and I still occasionally do them. When I was about 7 or 8 my parents bought my sister and I a hula hoop and a lemon twister. My sister and I spent hours playing with them and it was much fun. We even had contest where we would time each other to see who could do the hula hoop the longest.

  16. Ann Says:

    Oh yea, jumping jacks are hardcore. I was waiting for someone to bring those up. We did some last night in class. When we were doing burpees last night the instructor had us do a jumping jack in between each burpee. I had to look up lemon twister. Once I saw a pic I totally knew what it was. I don’t think I have ever played it. But looks like fun. And I do love to hula hoop.

  17. Ann Says:

    Thanks for all the great comments. Winners posted soon.

  18. Nicole Meade Says:

    Ann, I was reading today’s comments about PE and remembered that we had PE together in high school – or else we had it one right after the other! I remember seeing you in the locker room every day. Also, PE sucked in high school, but I loved it in elementary school (before uniforms and mandatory showering).


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