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Have mat, will travel

My pretty well-rounded salad from the MGM buffet salad bar, which I munched on Friday afternoon.

My pretty well-rounded salad from the MGM buffet salad bar, which I munched on Friday afternoon.

I stole that headline from a friend. But I love it. So I had to use it.

I don’t believe I announced to my readers about my trip to Vegas this weekend. Though between my Facebook friends and fellow Challengers and my mom I think I got my readers covered.

Curt and I have made it a tradition to come to Vegas for the first weekend of March Madness. Our friends Jen and Dave have joined us for the past three years.

I decided for this long weekend that I would eat and drink whatever I wanted and tomorrow I would get back to my healthy lifestyle.

(Next week is going to present some major challenges with a planned co-worker lunch and two evening farewell drink and food fests for my boss who is about to retire.)

I hit the gym every morning this weekend, doing cardio and focusing on the push-up challenge. Damn, my shoulders, arms and upper abs are sore!

My travel yoga mat came with me but wasn't utilized this weekend.

My travel yoga mat came with me but wasn’t utilized this weekend.

I also made sure to get my greens pretty regularly as well.

Getting greens in was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I have done well with my water intake. Not every meal was a caloric disaster. Oatmeal for breakfasts, lots of greens.

Of course, there were many beers and drinks.

Many times when I travel my exercise clothes never leave my suitcase. This time around they came out four times. I also brought my travel yoga mat. And that one did not leave my backpack.

(I didn’t have enough room in the suitcase so I shoved it in my backpack, which is pretty amazing that it fit in my backpack.)

2 Responses to “Have mat, will travel”

  1. Jen Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s been three years that we’ve been going!

    AND I am happy to report that I lost .8 pounds while we were in Vegas! I totally credit my Go Fit Girl exercise goals (I probably wouldn’t have done planks on my own), our commitment to finding greens for lunch, and some extra walking.

    I really don’t feel like I deprived myself at all, but I did track the Weight Watchers points for everything I put in my mouth. That way I know how much I need to work out this week to lose weight, but I also get to indulge on vacation. For me, I’d much rather have a creme brulee at the buffet than an extra glass of wine. I figure I can have wine at home.

    Now the goal is to stay consistent and keep building on the Go Fit challenge! 🙂

  2. Ann Says:

    Right on to a weight loss!
    And I appreciate you attributing some to GFG! goals.
    Thanks for doing planks with me and helping me with the challenge.