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Yup, it was a challenging week

cough drops

These cough drops came in handy this week.

Well, what a week …

I knew this past week would pose some challenges in the caloric intake department with food and booze and also with my regular exercise routine.

What I didn’t count on was getting sick … AGAIN.

Tuesday morning when I woke up I was exhausted. And I slept decently.

I felt the cold forming in my chest and was worried that this one was gonna be a doozy.

Lucky for me … I didn’t get a full blown cold, which is what happened a few weeks ago.

Even with multiple eating and drinking fests I had a plan to keep my exercise regular.

But when I am sick I don’t exercise as I feel it is important and necessary for me to focus my energy on getting back to being healthy.

This means I didn’t get to work on my planks and push-ups for March’s Monthly Challenge. In just a week I was able to master an 80-second plank. Imagine what I could have done had I worked on that a little more.

I feel almost back to normal today. But I made a decision to make sure that I am 100% healthy before getting back to the exercise.

There was pretty much no blogging this week as I pretty much came home each night and vegged on the couch or just zonked out. But GFG! got all kinds of ideas to post about including April’s Monthly Challenge.

So back to the exercise routine on Monday. And that means a loungy weekend for me.

I am anxious to get back to my healthy routine with both exercise and food/drink.

2 Responses to “Yup, it was a challenging week”

  1. Brenda :) Says:

    I completely understand getting sick again…I started feeling bad Friday afternoon. Luckily, I think it’s just a sinus thing. Normally I would not workout either, but I don’t want to get “behind” on my 10k training, so I am still pushing myself. Yesterday was a cross-training day so I just did a brisk walk, which actually made me feel a little better. Today is a 4 mile run (I jog/walk)…so we will see how I do. I figure I have the rest of the day to “recover” if need be. I have been doing well sticking to my diet even with my friend’s wedding last weekend.

  2. Ann Says:

    Glad to hear it, Brenda. Training is definitely important. And I know people have different philosophies on exercising when sick. I just don’t. Take care and good luck on your run.