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Armed with sunscreen and hat

The Neutrogena sunscreen I like to use.

The Neutrogena sunscreen I like to use and used today.

I took today off to attend a Giants baseball game with my friend Alicia and a couple of her friends.

A baseball game in San Francisco can be a beautiful and fun experience or a dreadful one depending on the weather. There have been times when I am wearing a sweatshirt, jacket, gloves, hat, scarf and blanket while sipping coffee or hot chocolate and am still cold.

Usually I prepare myself for a game by either bringing at least a fleece or sunscreen, because you never know.

But today was a beautiful and sunny day. I feel so lucky that the weather turned out to be so gorgeous. It was down right hot. But I would rather be hot than cold any day.

I am an Arizona girl. I spent summer family vacations frolicking on the beach in San Diego.

As a kid my goal was to get the best tan I could. I rarely wore sunscreen (probably only when one of my parents forced me to.) I hate to admit this, but I used to slather myself in baby oil and lay out in the sun baking.

As I have gotten older and moved away from Arizona my skin has changed.

About a year after Curt and I moved to the Bay Area we headed to San Diego for a weekend after I was sent down there for a training.

I was probably only on the beach for three hours. But I got burned so badly, which had really never happened to me before.

Since that experience I am careful with the sun and make sure I am armed with sunscreen.

My favorite sunscreen is the Neutrogena line. And I recently discovered the body mist, which is an SPF 30. It is so easy to use. I use the Ultra Sheer dry-touch sunblock SPF 70.

Sunscreen is important for so many reasons. First of all a sun burn just looks bad and it hurts. It dehydrates you and worst-case scenario, you can get cancer. And yes, you can.

So stock up and make sure to apply before an outdoor event and during to stay safe and happy.

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