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Start jumping!

A jump rope I used at the gym the other morning to jump for 5 minutes. Man, that wasn't easy.

A jump rope I used at the gym the other morning to jump for 5 minutes. Man, that wasn’t easy.

One of our exercise challenges this month in Go Fit Girl’s April Monthly Challenge is working the jump rope.

If you want a major cardio workout, jump rope for 3 minutes (or longer).

Jumping rope requires and builds coordination, is an easy and quick cardio workout and can be done almost anywhere.

According to WebMD, jumping rope can be lower-impact exercise on knees than jogging.

For years I have wished I was a runner. It’s easy cardio and you can do it anywhere. But I am now realizing that is the same with the jump rope. I can throw one in my suitcase. It travels easily and doesn’t take up any room.

According to some calculations on Livestrong, which attributes to Mayo Clinic, I will burn about 150 calories for jumping rope 15 minutes. (The average calorie burning in a 60-minute spin class is 500 calories.)

This site gives all kinds of fancy moves with the rope.

The American Heart Association sponsors a program called Jump Rope For Heart event, which provides heart research program and education.  The fundraising event helps kids learn skills to jump rope while raising money for the American Heart Association.

What a great program. It encourages kids with a fun exercise while raising money to help other kids with heart conditions.

2 Responses to “Start jumping!”

  1. Kate Says:

    Next post needs to be on kegels since jumping rope or bouncy house jumping not so easy post childbirth without peeing your pants. Who knew?

  2. Ann Says:

    Yes, my thoughts, exactly … Who knew? And lucky for me, I won’t have to know. 🙂
    Kegels as a post would be interesting. Adding it to my list of never ending ideas.