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Planning for my week

Foods cooked and parceled out for meals throughout the week, along with snack carrots already bagged up.

Foods cooked and parceled out for meals throughout the week, along with snack carrots already bagged up.

I work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a choice I have to face every single day.

And part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is planning. Planning is a big part of my success with clean living. (I plan out meals and my exercise.)

Sunday mornings are my normal day to hit the grocery. And I did yesterday. I stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies and other items to keep me going for the week.

If I have time and motivation on Sundays I will cook up a few things for the week.

Sometimes during the week I will make a meal with two servings so I have a lunch later in the week as well. Which is what I did tonight.

Many times I make Sunday mornings my chopping day–where I chop up veggies for the week, whether for snacks or a stir fry or a meal.

My friend Monica recently mentioned to me that on Sundays she bags up her snack carrots for the week. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before. (I usually bag my carrots and get my lunch ready the night before.)

So yesterday I bagged up my carrots for the week. I made brown rice for the week in my awesome little rice cooker. I steamed eggplant for a lunch and dinner this week (while making the rice). I boiled whole wheat penne pasta and cooked up some garbanzo beans for three meals this week with this Yoga Journal recipe. And I also made a kale salad, which I had for lunch yesterday and will eat throughout the week. (I had it as a side salad with my lunch today.)

My exercise plan this week is: Monday: body conditioning at the gym (did it and I think I am gonna be sore!); Tuesday: Hatha yoga at yoga studio; Wednesday: Hatha yoga at studio; Thursday: spin at gym; Friday: body conditioning at gym; Saturday: spin at gym; Sunday: Vinyasa yoga at studio.

I also went back to tracking my food and exercise this week, which always helps keep me on track and honest.

Another thing I do on Sundays is get my work clothes ready and ironed for the week. It sounds crazy. But believe me, it helps. Especially since my time is limited in the evenings. I get my gym and yoga clothes ready for the week as well.

LIfe happens and I know plans change. This week is going to pose some challenges. But I am armed with my plan and I will stick to it as much as I can.

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