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June Monthly Challenge: Greek yogurt, exercise routine & giving

greek yogurt

I came up with some new and successful ways to use this vat of plain Greek yogurt.

All right, it’s time for Go Fit Girl’s June Monthly Challenge.

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in Go Fit Girl’s Comment Contest Tuesday. There were lots of great ideas for future Monthly Challenges. And I promise to use them in the upcoming months. But I did have some ideas already for June’s challenges.

Ready for them?

Nutrition: I got this idea when we ended up with a vat of plain Greek yogurt recently. If there are any vegans out there I did find a vegan version of Greek yogurt. I’m sure that isn’t the only brand available.

Experiment  and get inventive with plain Greek yogurt and use it in various meals. I found multiple ways to use it. I will write about my meal/snack experiments sometime this month.

If you absolutely don’t want to work with Greek yogurt come up with something else.

Exercise: The New York Times recently wrote about The Scientific 7-Minute Workout. I am not 100% excited about the routine proposed. But with modifications I think this is a great exercise routine.

It has been scientifically proven that adults need 30 minutes of cardio five days a week. You can read more here.

Feel free to read the article, but this is what I propose:

  • First off, try this routine at least once in the month of June.
  • If you want it as a full workout (it’s great, because you can do it at home or at the gym or outside) I suggest doing each exercise for a minute and do the routine at least three times. This will give you roughly 30 minutes.
  • Make sure to have a short period of time for recovery between each exercise.
  • If there are certain exercises you don’t want to do or can’t do modify.
  • Since summer is starting we all will start traveling. This is a great routine to do while traveling, which I plan to do while traveling.

I do agree with this from the NYT magazine column: Interval training requires intervals; the extremely intense activity must be intermingled with brief periods of recovery.

The article mentions the words discomfort and unpleasant. You should work hard while exercising. But those are the wrong adjectives to to be used. One of my spin teachers says you should be able to smile while exercising. Let’s think about the idea of intensity and sensation while exercising.

Another flaw with this routine is that it is exactly the same every time you do it. Your muscles need to do different things otherwise you will eventually plateau. So I don’t propose this is your only exercise routine in June.

And let’s add a third challenge this month …

Challenge of the Heart: I am a big fan of supporting a variety of charities. Kids are always a big focus for me.

As school is letting out for kids I thought this would be a good time to remember that we should give throughout the year.

Many kids rely on free breakfast and lunch at school. There is a Summer Food Service Program, which makes sure low-income kids still get meals during the summer break. You can get involved in different ways. Go here to find out how.

Supporting the food bank in the summer is always a great idea.

And, of course, feel free to support any charities you want to with time or donations.

Feel free to comment below on your progress or on the Facebook event page.

9 Responses to “June Monthly Challenge: Greek yogurt, exercise routine & giving”

  1. Nicole Meade Says:

    I really like this challenge! I am going to try the 7 minute workout in addition to the other things I do, and I will let you know what I think of it! I am modifying the food portion of the challenge since I already eat yogurt 5 days out of 7. My food challenge is going to be to eliminate white flour from my diet for the entire month. I typically only eat whole wheat products but I have a soft spot in my heart for scones and muffins, and will eay 3-5 of those per week. As I have gotten older, I’ve noticed that I get headaches and stomach problems when I eat white flour, so (even though I find them delicious) I am going to try to eliminate all white flour from my diet and see how that feels. Since my husband is the main chef in our family, I have challenged him to come up with a whole wheat scone recipe that is delicious and not too dense. If he does I will post it here! For the heart challenge, I am going to try to make a charitable donation out of my June 15 and June 30 paychecks. Summer is always a very tight time for us financially, since all the kids are out of school and swimming and eating a TON! They also have friends over so that increases the food bill, and of course the AC and the pool pump are running nonstop. That said, we are definitely a very fortunate family and we always want to help those less lucky than we have been. I have 2 charities in mind that will fit the challenge are that are kid-centric. One is the Tucson Community Food Bank, and the other is a 501(c)(3) here in Tucson called “Send a Kip to Camp”. Since it’s so hot here it’s even more special to be able to go up to the mountains to some of the nice sleepaway camps that the charity supports. I have donated to these charities already this year but I read in the paper that both are falling short of their projected goals for this point in the year, so I like the idea of this part of the challenge – every little bit helps!

  2. Ann Says:

    Love that you are modifying the challenge for something you want to work on. Good for you.
    OOOHH, hope you get to share a recipe with us. 🙂
    I haven’t tried the 7-minute workout yet. I plan to this weekend because of travels.
    And those charities sound great. Love them as well.

  3. alicia Says:

    I tried Greek yogurt for the 1st time sometime last year and I love it! Even the fat-free is creamy! Sometimes I add fruit to it. I have it for breakfast Monday thru Friday and sometimes on the weekends. It’s great for calcium and keeps me full until lunch.

    I’ve cooked with plain yogurt in the past. All I did was drain it in a coffee filter so it is nice and thick like Greek yogurt. I used it as a substitute for sour cream in beef strogonoff and as a substitute for coconut milk when making curry. Sometimes I even use it in pasta dishes if I feel like a cream sauce for pasta. I just cook up some veg and maybe some meat, then season, then add yogurt. One thing to remember is that yogurt curdles. So when the dish is cooked and ready, turn off the heat and take it off the heat source. You may want to let the dish cool for a few minutes, then dump the yogurt into your dish and mix it up and you are done! When heating up leftovers I just put in the microwave, just don’t make it super hot.

  4. Ann Says:

    Great ideas, Alicia. Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, and I learned the hard way about the yogurt curdling.

  5. Brenda :-) Says:

    I have not experimented too much with the greek yogurt because I really like just adding some sort of granola to it and one packet of Stevia. I will see what the rest of the month brings on that one 🙂 As for working out, I’m still following the 10k routine that I was using for training. I’m not signed up for any 10k in the fall but I like the routine and dare I say the running?! So I haven’t done the 7 minute routine yet but I do my own circuit on the strength days. As for the last challeng….I just donated a bunch of clothes to Goodwill and I dropped off all my old computer stuff to be recycled. I’m redoing the loft in a slow step by step process.

  6. Ann Says:

    Right on with the donations.


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