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In my mind I am healthy

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Monday was Day 1 of back to healthy living. I didn’t have control over the fact that I couldn’t make it to my regular gym class. But I did have control over whether or not I exercised.

Yesterday, which was Day 2 of back to healthy living, I realized that I already felt better.

I was only on Day 2 of back to eating healthy and into my regular exercise routine. And it was already making a difference in how I felt.

I think a big part of healthy living is mental as well. And I am not referring to mental health in this case.

More like, if you have the mindset to be healthy and are on that track it makes it easier and you feel better.

This is at least the case for me.

When I am “off plan” or not in my routine I feel yuck. There is guilt involved. Especially if there is no end in sight.

When I was an unhealthy person I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I became a healthy person.

When I am “off plan” I feel myself craving for my routine of my healthy living.

If you think about it, living healthy or not is one of the few things we have total control over.

I decide what I eat and drink. I decide if I exercise or not.

Here’s to three days of getting back to my regular routine with exercise and caloric intake. In my mind I am healthy and healthier. And I feel good.

2 Responses to “In my mind I am healthy”

  1. Eve Mahar Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! When I am off track I start feeling so down and like all the progress I’ve made has been erased, even when I know that’s not the case. I think the difference now is that when I get off track, like last night with pizza and chocolate cream pie (!!) I just got right back on track today eating well, exercising, and I already feel 100% better! In the past it would have been an excuse to keep going down that road and give up…but not anymore.

  2. Ann Says:

    Yea for you getting right back on track!
    It’s totally fine to stray for a day or a week. But as long as you know you are going to get back at it it’s all good.
    Sometimes when I get off track I get a little down as well and just want to eat and drink more crap! Vicious cycle