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Comment Contest Tuesday: Starr wants to hear stories


Starr plays for Team Goldman.

We haven’t had a Comment Contest Tuesday in some time.

So I think it is time for one, don’t you.

Let’s do something a little fun this time.

My name is Ann. But when I was a kid (and still now) most of my family did and still calls me Annie. There was also Annie Roonie. Annie Go Get Your Guns.

But I didn’t like my name (and nothing against my parents but it is a pretty boring name). There were twin girls who lived in our neighborhood who were older than me. And I just thought they were super cool. One was named Star.

So I decided when I turned 18 I was legally changing my name to Starr Chihak.

Obviously, and thankfully, that didn’t happen.

In my department at work we all have nicknames. I was able to get Starr as mine for fun. We had a recent offsite where we honored our fellow team member Perry who recently died.

Perry  wanted to start a bowling league at work. So we all got bowling shirts with our nicknames and went bowling. It was pretty awesome.

Here are my questions for you: What was or is your nickname? When you were a little kid what did you want your name to be? Any stories behind your name or nickname?

For every name/story you post in the comments below you will get your name thrown into a hat for a drawing. So the more you comment, the better chance you get to win a prize.

You have until Tuesday, August 27 noon my time (Pacific) to comment away. Only posts in the comments below will count. E-mails, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, in-person comments don’t count.

Let’s have fun.

9 Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday: Starr wants to hear stories”

  1. Brenda :) Says:

    Growing up I don’t remember having any nicknames…or at least ones that I knew about…lol. My parents always called me Bren. If someone else calls me that I pause for just a bit…I’m so used to having only my parents call me that. Of course when they called me Brenda Marie, I knew I was in Brenda came from the fact that no one else in the family is a Brenda and my mom’s initial was a C and dad’s is an E…so they were trying to do something alphabetically. First born girl..Brenda Marie (Marie is handed down). I do remember finding out what the name would be if they had a second girl…Diana Elizabeth..I liked that one so much better. I must say now…I do like my name.

  2. alicia Says:

    My name is Alicia and when I was growing up it was not a very common name. In fact most people have never heard of my name. I dreaded going to the doctor’s or anyway where my name would have to be called. They would always have very confused looks on face’s as they attempted to pronounce my name. A lot of times I was called Alice and I would correct them and then they would proceed to call me Lisa, Felicia, Alice, or Alyssa. If my middle name was on list, sometimes they would just call out Kim. When I correct them, they would tell me they didn’t know how to pronounce it the way it was spelled. Needless to say I didn’t like my name at all. To add to the pain, most of my relatives only spoke Chinese and knew very little English, so being called Lisa was common. Even my own father called me Lisa until I was about 4 and I corrected him threatening not to respond to him unless he pronounced it correctly. My relatives got better including my father and just call me “A-Lisa”. I guess close enough. I wanted a name that people didn’t have issues with. I actually wished my parents named me Shirley. I asked my mother why she gave me such an odd ball name which no one knew or could pronounce. She told me she went to high school with girl named Alicia. She said she loved the name and always told herself that if she ever had a girl that was the name she would pick. Plus my father liked the name a lot and it was the only one they could agree on. That story made me feel better. She also told me that Alicia is a Spanish equivalent of Alice and I heard her tell many people this. Some of the responses I’ve heard to this have been “Why did you give a Chinese girl a Spanish name?”.

    My name has not always been all negative. After people “finally” got my name I was always told it was a very pretty name. As I’ve gotten older my name has gotten a little more common where at least it’s not such a “weird” name and people at least know that the name exists. I’ve grown to really like my name over the years. I have to admit it is a pretty sounding name. I also like the fact that I’m generally the only Alicia. It makes me feel unique since when someone says Alicia everyone knows it’s me. I find that if there is another Alicia around I actually do not like it because it causes a lot of confusion.

    So basically I love my name and to this day I do not like being called Alice. To me it’s the equivalent of someone making that awful scratching noise on a chalkboard.

  3. Bridgette Says:

    WoW, I never would’ve guessed people would have such difficulties with your name Alicia! It seems so easy to me. The only unknown for me is whether to pronounce it “Ah-lease-ee-ya” or “A-lee-sha”. Either way, it IS a pretty name. 🙂

  4. Brenda :) Says:

    Okay to follow up from earlier…currently I don’t really go by any nicknames. In my adult life I have been called Sharkbait (yes from Nemo and that’s what plenty of my friends think I will if I ever go diving with sharks), B, and Brenny. I do like Brenny enough to use it on some website profiles. My students know me as Ms. Holzer which isn’t a nickname, but it is professional. I believe a nickname should be given to you by others. Probably if I still worked in a weight room, I would have plenty more…lol.

  5. Alicia Says:

    I never had a nickname. I was always called by my first name. My bf does like to call me “Alish” at times. It’s the closest I have to a nickname.

  6. Bridgette Says:

    Oh my gosh… there are a few name/nickname stories that come to mind for me. I remember being in Kindergarten when a new girl named Rebecca started in our class mid-year. (Do you remember her Ann?) Anyway, she was pretty and had green eyes (which I wished I’d had). After school that day, I asked my mom why she couldn’t have named me Rebecca. She explained that I was named after my dad’s grandmother but if I wanted to be called Rebecca she would call me that. She told my whole family to call me Rebecca too. My brother told her she was crazy! After 3-days I told her she could call me “Bridget” again. I guess she knew if she just humored me, I’d get tired of it pretty quick.

    Since I’m the youngest child, my parents used to call me “Baby”. It was okay with me until a certain point, where it started to embarrass me. I remember saying “I’m not a baby!” many times. My parents said “But you’ll always be ‘our’ baby.” I remember sternly telling my mom just before an Open House at school one night NOT to call me Baby in front of people. Later I felt kind of bad about the sad look she had on her face when she said, “Ok, I won’t call you Baby”.

    When I was about 10-years old, I decided that I preferred spelling my name “Bridgette”. I thought it looked prettier than “Bridget”. So I started unofficially spelling it that way. I said I would legally change it when I was 18. I did eventually legally change it but it was a little later by the time I got around to it. I did it while in college because I decided I didn’t want it to be spelled “Bridget” on my degree. 🙂

    Growing up my siblings called me “Bridgie”, “Bridge” or even “Bridgie Kins” sometimes. LoL

    Over the years (probably since my 20’s) various people have playfully called me “Miss Thang”. So I always wanted to get as an e-mail address. It was always taken though. When I moved to the bay area, I suddenly thought of trying for….and got it!

    When I was younger I didn’t like my name. I like it now though, especially with the spelling I chose. 🙂

    I also like the fact that my name is one that people are familiar with, but isn’t extremely common. In my whole life, I believe I’ve only known of 5 other “Bridgette’s”. 1 classmate, 3 co-workers and a cousin! My dad and his brother both named one of their daughters after their grandmother.

    Some people have called me “BB” since my last name also starts with a B. A colleague of mine will sometimes call me “Gidget” (I suppose since it rhymes). An employee of mine has called me “B-Dizzle” a few times, just being silly. My bestie Rhonda sometimes calls me “B”. I guess that’s about it for nicknames. 🙂

  7. Nicole Says:

    When I was around 5, my parents said I came home telling them I wanted my middle name (I don’t have one) to be “Kim Hammermeister” (!). She was another little girl in kindergarten, and i guess I coveted her name, and I desperately wanted a middle name. My dad was in the military and we moved a lot when I was little, so I didn’t keep in touch with any of the other kids, so I have no idea what happened to little Kim. That was the closest I’ve ever come to having a middle name.

  8. Bridgette Says:

    What a cute story Nicole! Reminds me of my “Rebecca” story. Maybe the “Kindergarten name change” stuff is more common than I thought. 🙂


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