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Let’s go, Oakland!

Let's go, Oakland!

Let’s go, Oakland!

Regardless of the reputation of my home state of Arizona and hometown of Tucson I am proud of where I came from. I am proud of the family I came from. I am proud that my red home state went blue in 1996 for Clinton. I am proud that I went to a diverse high school.

Living in Oakland gives you a sense of pride as well.

When Curt and I first moved to the Bay Area more than eight years ago we lived in Berkeley. We had a friend visit and as he left he said he was proud to say he had friends who lived in Berkeley.

I hella <3 Oakland!

I don’t know how to quite explain it. I guess the word is … pride. There is pride about living in Oakland. It’s an awesome feeling being here.

And there is pride about having a scrappy baseball team going to the playoffs two years in a row. Tonight is Game 1 against the Detroit Tigers.

Last year when the A’s went to the playoffs they went up against the same team. I was able to go to the first and last home game. (Curt went to all three.) The first game was on my birthday and was an awesome game.

The last game the A’s lost. As the game was coming to an end and there was no way the A’s could come back to beat the Tigers the fans starting chanting, Let’s go, Oakland!

The feeling was amazing and I was proud of the A’s, their fans and Oakland in general.

This is your year, Oakland. Let’s go, Oakland!┬áLet’s go, Oakland!

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