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Teaching my first yoga “class”

Happy Baby

Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby) was one of the poses I worked on with my “students.”

Over the weekend Curt and I were in Missouri visiting his parents for our annual deer season trip. If you want to read more about that, you can go here.

I have practiced yoga with friends and family before where I am essentially instructing. But it is usually just one-on-one.

On Saturday late afternoon, my mother-in-law, Marilyn, and I did my calming, curbing sadness practice. We both felt pretty Zen afterward.

On Sunday two friends, Donna and Heather, came over and practiced with us.

It was the first time I taught my first mini yoga “class.” My “class” had a variety of ages, flexibility, parts of the body with injuries or care needed. And everyone was a beginner. So it was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my “teaching.”

And I bet no one can say they have ever taught or taken a yoga class with the smell of venison jerky in the making looming in our “studio” (aka basement).

About a week ahead of time I asked my “students” if there was anything in particular they wanted to work on. Some of the requests were core and low back pain issues.

I centered my practice around those and tried to keep it for beginners, yet still challenging.

We did what I called an easy Sun Salutation (aka Sun Salute) with some core work and some back strengthening poses. This video on Gaiam Life with Rodney Yee is a great example and instructions for beginners in Sun Salutes.

The easy Sun Salute I did with my “class” was similar to the video linked above, but we also added a lunge, low lunge or runner’s lunge, depending on what everyone was comfortable with and a plank and cobra. This illustrated step-by-step is the Sun Salute we did with the beginner suggestions.

I felt it was a good start after my first “class.” But I know I have a ways to go. And as with yoga you continue practicing. And I feel the same with teaching.

So … if anyone is willing to be my guinea pig or how about guinea yogi/yogini? I am planning on sticking around the Bay Area over the winter holiday break. We can figure out where to meet up and practice together and then maybe get lunch or a drink or coffee or whatever.

(I may be in Tucson in January, so that is a possibility as well … I will keep you informed.)

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