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Comment Contest Tuesday: 5 for 5

5 for 5

Are these great jazz hands or what? This month’s theme is 5 for 5. Tell GFG! what you are doing and you could win a prize.

This Comment Contest Tuesday stems from Go Fit Girl’s December Monthly Challenge: Free(ish) for 5.

In the spirit of the holiday season we are usually thinking about others, which makes us amazing people. But we also have to make sure we take care of ourselves.

In the spirit of 5 for 5, over the next two weeks tell me 5 things you attempt each day or over the two weeks. (This Comment Contest Tuesday is going to last from today until Tuesday, Dec. 17). But you can can continue 5 for 5 this whole month and beyond.

This CCT is simple and we can all participate.

Some 5-minute ideas: Meditate for 5 minutes; take a brisk 5-minute walk; try handstand or headstand for 5 minutes (this one is definitely one for me); do crunches for 5 minutes; do a couple of relaxing yoga poses for 5 minutes …

Some 5-things ideas: Let 5 cars ahead of you while in traffic (doesn’t have to be all at once); smile at 5 strangers; give 5 strangers a compliment; find 5 things you like about yourself; pick up 5 pieces of trash (maybe while on your 5-minute walk); have 5 servings of water before having an adult beverage; have 5 fruits/veggies 5 times this month (or more) …

5 bucks: Since it is the holiday season we could give just a little. If money is tight but you still want to give maybe you could donate $5. Think about the food bank and toy drives.

Just 5 bucks at the food bank can go a long way. According to Alameda County Food Bank (the local food bank I support), they distribute $4 worth of food (retail value) for every $1 donation. According to my hometown food bank site in Tucson, $1 equals almost $9 worth of food. According to another food bank website: For every dollar, the food bank can acquire 15 pounds of food, or 11 meals for those in need.

You could also volunteer 5 times this month or help 5 people. Maybe someone needs help shopping at the grocery store; or crossing the street; or help filling out paperwork at the bank; or carrying something heavy to their car, or needs a seat on the bus or train …

Thanks again to Nicole for this great idea. I love it.

From today until Tuesday, December 17 at noon Pacific time post the Free(ish) for 5 you are doing or planning to do. For each comment you post you will get your name thrown in the random drawing for a prize.

Only comments in the actual post count. I love getting Facebook comments, Twitter comments and e-mails. But those won’t count for the drawing participation.

12 Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday: 5 for 5”

  1. Brenda :) Says:

    I think the 5 for 5 I want to do for the month is to meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. I workout just about everyday and when I don’t, taking care of Indee requires me to walk for at least 5 minutes (so not fair to choose that one). Also, with the majority of my work being done at home I do not interact with strangers too much and frankly wouldn’t want to in my neighborhood…lol.

  2. Ann Says:

    Like the idea of meditating for 5 minutes a day. Hopefully this can jump start a good habit.

  3. Alicia Says:

    I just started a new job about a month ago. Everyone takes a lunch break and encourages it. I find it difficult to do since my last job was so hectic. My 5 for 5 is to make myself take a lunch break. 5 by 12 means one whole hour of break. It does not matter what I do as long as I get myself out of the office.

  4. Ann Says:

    What a great goal, Alicia. And glad your current work situation encourages a lunch break. It’s so important.

  5. Nicole Meade Says:

    My challenge for myself this week has been to do ABSOLUTELY nothing for 5 minutes a day. I wouldn’t call this meditating exactly, since I often do it in the midst of chaos, but I am realizing with the craziness of the holiday schedule on top of the regular craziness of my schedule and the boys’ basketball schedules, I sometimes need to just stop. Right now we are grappling with serious sewer line issues (reminding me how grateful I am for a husband who can and will do plumbing) – this has meant that we are down to one bathroom for the 7 of us, and don’t have use of the washer. Added madness! Last night I stopped bustling around and went and laid on the living room floor with my eyes closed for 5 minutes. The boys were watching the UA basketball game and it was noisy, but I got the most intense feeling of relaxation from being surrounded by family and being totally and completely at rest. So, I’m going to do that every day in the month of December!

  6. Ann Says:

    What a great idea! I wonder how many of us would find this absolutely challenging? Good for you.

  7. Nicole Meade Says:

    For 5 in 5 (or with $5) for others this month, I have decided to volunteer my time (or our family’s time) 5 times this month, for organizations or events that don’t benefit us personally. I do a lot of volunteering in my boys’ classrooms but that’s a bonus for me too, since I get to see them! SO I wanted to try something that is a little more just giving and not getting. So far I have made crafts for the upcoming craft fair for our local waldorf school, which Arlo attended for pre-k. This weekend we will volunteer at the fair helping children make crafts for Christmas gifts. I have volunteered this week, helping emerging readers at Arlo’s school (but not helping Arlo himself!). We are signed up to collect cans of food for the food bank on December 26 at Winterhaven, a local neighborhood that always decorates magnificently for Christmas. People take walking and driving tours through the neighborhood to look at the lights, and admission is free with donated food. The food bank needs volunteers to stand at the entrance collecting the food, so our family will be doing that the day after Christmas.Our 5th volunteer event is to go food bank family day on Dec 27 to help sort food and harvest food from the food bank’s farm. I’m excited the kids can come with us to these events! Lastly, we are going to donate $5 for each of the 7 of us to Primavera, a local non profit that houses and helps employ the homeless.

  8. Ann Says:

    The volunteer ideas are great. And I love that you are involving the kids. That’s so important. Awwww man, I miss WinterHaven. Primavera is a great organization–one that my mom supports and I want to say occasionally cooks for them.
    Awesome 5 for 5!

  9. Nicole Meade Says:

    Cool that your mom supports them, Ann! My boys were inspired to support Primavera in addition to the Food Bank because of former UA player Joseph Blair, who has a charity group in town. He does a lot of work with Primavera and the boys thought that was pretty cool. Did you know Primavera was co-founded by the mother of our THMS classmate Jack Bissell? Small world Tucson moment!

  10. Brenda :) Says:

    Okay…so far not doing well with the 5 minute meditations. It’s not that I am too busy…it’s just hard right now to quiet the “brain talk” for 5 minutes. I am heading out of town this weekend and it’s the first “break” I have had in over 3 years! So I am going to enjoy the time off from working out and probably diet…lol. Resting your body from exercise is a good thing, even if I don’t always follow that.

    Alicia- good luck on your daily breaks! We all understand how busy work can be..but five minutes here and there and be so rejuvenating..especially for your brain!

    Nicole-I think it’s awesome about your volunteer work…what a great lesson to teach your kids! I do plan on going to Winterhaven and I do plan on bringing food to donate..perhaps 5 cans/boxes of food!

  11. Ann Says:

    Maybe you just need to reflect on what is going on with that brain of yours. Embrace the chatter and listen? Then maybe take 5 breaths and count or tell yourself inhale and exhale or I am (inhale) … here (exhale).
    OK, I totally love that you complimented and encouraged others. That’s what this is all really about, right?
    I love the idea of 5 boxes/cans of food for WinterHaven. I miss WinterHaven so much!!!

  12. Brenda :) Says:

    I will try to do a better job of supporting others in Go Fit Girl posts! You are correct that is what it’s about…we all need help/guidance. We can not do alone sometimes. Thank you for the meditation suggestion…I will try that. When my brain does “talk to me”…it’s more of my to do list than anything else…or it has been some revelations/emotional stuff from my past. Trust me I try to take a deep breath and clear it out, but it just crawls back in there. Actually “venting” about it now does help!