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Becoming a better yogini by working through frustration


Poster hanging at Piedmont Yoga Studio with information about the teacher training program.

When I started the yoga teacher training program at Piedmont one thing that was reminded to my classmates and me by the teachers and in the paperwork we had to review and sign before the program started was that students in the program can go through many emotions.

I have felt overwhelmed at times and even anxious on how I can possibly fit all of this into my already busy and hectic life.

My most recent emotion has been frustration.

We are learning so much, some new, some old and some different. No teacher or class is the same. Teachers have different styles. Sometimes one teacher will tell you something and then you will hear the complete opposite from another teacher.

Our job as yoga students is to take that information in and decide what is best for our own bodies. I am more than OK with taking information in and then making a decision for myself and my body on any given day or practice.

But there are times when I find out I have been doing a pose “wrong.” Such as anatomically unhealthy for my body.

After class on Thursday night I felt really frustrated with how I had “learned” to do Dolphin Pose. I don’t know if I was specifically told to do it a certain way or if that is what I heard or a combination of the two.

I realize I am supposed to be having these discoveries and emotions. This is part of the learning and discovering. But frankly, I just feel a little angry.

On Friday I took a Vinyasa class and had a difficult time staying present and anger kept entering my mind.

Even though I feel super frustrated I am grateful for this discovery. I am going to explore Dolphin in my home practice for the next few weeks.

I have decided to explore my practice differently in my home practice and with the public classes and teachers I study with.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress.

4 Responses to “Becoming a better yogini by working through frustration”

  1. Nicole Meade Says:

    I can definitely relate to this. There have been times where I have felt like I was doing a pose “exactly right” only to have a teacher make an adjustment that felt awesome but also bruised my ego. I also am guilty of hating when a class I attend regularly has a sub – I walk in and feel disappointed, like, I was counting on a certain kind of experience that the regular teacher always provides – I don’t want some new unexpected experience! Then I usually catch myself and think, it’s going to be an adventure. I certainly don’t want to be so rigid that I can’t embrace new things, or even recognize weakness in myself and places I need to improve. But it’s not always easy! I know for me that my mind quits first, with new or hard poses. My body is willing, but my mind has some negative things to say. Isn’t that the gift of yoga – that we get to work through all that junk.

  2. Ann Says:

    YES! Sometimes I can believe I have had my foot this way in this pose for six years and then I find out, no, it should really be this way.
    For the most part I am cool with subs. It’s a new experience. I almost always learn something new. And, don’t get me wrong, I love my regular teachers, that’s why I go to their classes. But sometimes someone you are less familiar with says something a different way and it just clicks or you finally get it. I love those moments.
    Yoga is like life, it is uncomfortable and rough at times. How we explore it and adventure through it is our own open mindedness.

  3. Nicole Meade Says:

    Well said. And for me, how we handle those “whoa, I have been doing this wrong for a long time moments” are the gift that yoga gives us – I’ve learned to be less hard on myself in my regular life.

  4. Ann Says:

    I think your comment about the gift that yoga gives may have inspired a post. 🙂
    BTW: I still remember arguing with a sub about foot placement in Warrior 2. Argh!