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A greeting practice

namaste hands

Anjali Mudra (Namaste hands).

On Thursday night in yoga teacher training we had two hours of anatomy and an hour of a meditation practice and learning session.

The first hour was dedicated to our teacher Ericka and her reasons for practicing meditation, which is a truly fascinating story.

At one point she asked us to get up and walk around and greet each other, without words.

I will admit I find this stuff hokey and just not my thing. But I went along with it.

I got up and greeted my first person with a smile and a nod, the next with a smile and mouthing “hi,” the next smile, nod and Namaste hands (pictured), the fourth person with a smile and a hug … a pat on the arm … another hug … more smiles … kind eyes …

I got back to my mat and I realized I was smiling from ear to ear. I really enjoyed that practice and felt the love and support of my fellow students.

It was an amazing feeling.

Ericka told us after that practice that she does with kids she works with. One time working with a group of kids they did the exercise and afterward she asked them how they felt. One little girl proclaimed how much love she felt.

We all hate getting out of our comfort zone. But so many times it ends up being such a great experience. I am always hesitant, but almost always pleased with the results.

2 Responses to “A greeting practice”

  1. Nicole W Says:

    Hi Ann, thanks for sharing this experience, it’s fascinating. I agree, it’s seems hokey to me too, but sounds like it was actually a pretty powerful exercise. Going to share your post with my mom, who’s a therapist and sometimes works with kids.

  2. Ann Says:

    Yes, it was powerful.
    And happy to hear you will share with your mom. Would love to hear if she uses it with the kids.