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Challenging myself and you

jar project

My jar is getting full with little slips of paper.

At the launch of the new year I made a decision to not continue Go Fit Girl’s Monthly Challenges. At least in the temporary as I had to give up something in all the things I have going on.

That being said, I am still trying to occasionally come up with a quickie challenge here and there on Go Fit Girl! Challenges Facebook page.

And I thought since I have a few going on I would do a post about them so my readers who aren’t on Facebook could get (and even give) some ideas.

I did write about The Jar Project, which is a year-long experiment for myself. When something good happens, which I am grateful for I put it in the jar. Such as seeing a beautiful sunset; an anonymous person left a parking paid stub for me to use so I didn’t have to pay for parking; I got to visit my family for a long weekend in Tucson; getting a much-needed massage and day to relieve myself of exhaustion. OK, you get the idea.

Another Challenge I posted was to work on giving up a bad habit for the month of February. Trying it for a day, a couple of days, a week or the whole month. Obviously you can take this challenge into March or any month you like.

The most recent challenge posted was to give up Social Media for a day. I had been thinking about trying this out. And one day I realized I had gone a considerable amount of time without looking at Facebook or Tweeting on Twitter so I decided to hit the 24-hour mark and went to about 27 hours. And all was still OK with the world.

If you have ideas for challenges I would love to hear them and use them. How do you challenge yourself?

2 Responses to “Challenging myself and you”

  1. Nicole W Says:

    I really enjoy your challenges. We had been doing the jar project anyway at our house. The bad habit challenge for Feb is another great idea, and mine, to not interrupt during conversation by always pausing before I speak, turned out to be hard to get going, so I’ll shift it to March. My big one is getting going on running again. We all had bad colds at the beginning of February and I just haven’t gotten going since then.

  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks, Nicole.
    I am really working hard on the not interrupting. It is much harder than I thought. But really taking the time to pause before I feel the need to share my opinion …
    Good luck to get back to running. We also had terrible colds in our house the month of February.