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A hot mess

hot mess

My life kinda feels like these disorganized wires going in and out of the TV.

Do you ever feel like your life is a hot mess? Disorganized? Out of routine?

Lately that’s how I feel. At home, at work, all aspects of my life.

I strive on routine. And my life has been anything but.

I am trying to embrace the disorganized, the fly by the day goings on, the unexpected, the disheveledness (is that a word?), the tiredness and exhaustion, the unplanned, the spontaneous (whether good or bad) …

I recently wrote about how I am really trying to listen to myself and what I need.

I am working on being kind to me in anyway I need it. And to not feel bad about whatever I choose.

This morning I had a dilemma as it was pouring outside. Should I stay in bed all warm and cozy and sleep away the morning? Or should I get up and head to yoga (which is just a short walk) to the studio in my neighborhood?

I knew I would have some guilt if I didn’t go to class. And I wasn’t sure if I would actually be able to go back to sleep. I decided to brave the rain (in my rain coat, Wellies and my awesome Shed Rain umbrella) and head to class. (And I plan to brave it later today to take the Sunday night Restorative Yoga class, which I am making a pretty regular occurrence in my life and yoga routine.)

Since it is a cold and nasty day I am cuddled up with my coffee under a blanket watching a movie. That’s what I need (even though I am sitting in a room full of chaos–spare room needs some cleaning and straightening up. But I am somehow able to look past all of that. I am making progress.)

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