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Review Wednesday: Neutrogena Face & Body Stick Sunscreen


I have been using Neutrogena sunscreen products for years. The stick sunscreen is the latest addition to my sunscreen use.

I have written before about sunscreen and growing up under that hot Arizona sun a time or two or three before.

I pretty much never wore sunscreen and made it my mission to have the best tan of the summer as a kid. I even slathered myself with Baby Oil in order to “cook” quicker.

About 10 years ago I realized my skin had changed and sunscreen was a must.

I have tried a variety of sunscreens over the years. And my favorite is Neutrogena brand.

Before my March weekend in Vegas I was at Target stocking up on sunscreen. I got a new bottle of the Body Mist Sunscreen spray, which I have used for the past couple of years and love. I usually use the Age-Shield Face or Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock for my face. I noticed a couple of new items for the face: Face & Body Stick Sunscreen and Liquid Daily Sunscreen.

I decided to try the Face & Body Stick. It’s like a stick of deodorant. And it is super easy to apply to the face. It’s for both the face and body. I like the spray for my body and something else for my face. I like to use a higher SPF for my face than for my body.

The Neutrogena website has this to say about the stick: It gives you the powerful, yet lightweight sun protection you love in a convenient, no-mess form. Suitable for both face and body, this unique wide-faced stick glides on easily and invisibly. Formulated with clinically-proven Helioplex® Technology, it offers superior broad-spectrum protection from skin-aging UVA rays and skin-burning UVB rays, so you can have clean, shine-free protection on hand, while on-the-go.

The stick was easy to use and kept my face protected while I was out in the sun over three days. It is also easy to have on the go. And it’s not a liquid, so it is travel safe via plane.

It’s a little bit greasy. But that is my biggest complaint. I like to wear a pretty high SPF on my face. This one comes in 70 SPF. But no other options that I could find.

One friend I was hanging out with at the pool while in Vegas mentioned that her Arizona dermatologist along with her mom’s Arizona dermatologist recommend Neutrogena sunscreen. I think those are two pretty good endorsements.

I plan to use it along with the Body Mist while in Mexico next week.


For years I have been using Neutrogena sunscreen products. The latest purchase did not disappoint. The Neutrogena Face & Body Stick sunscreen gets 4 dumbbells.

3 Responses to “Review Wednesday: Neutrogena Face & Body Stick Sunscreen”

  1. Tina Says:

    Yes, the dermatologist I go to for an annual skin check also recommends neutragena, plus another really expensive one, La Roche-Posay Anthelios. But what price protecting your skin, eh?

  2. marthack Says:

    This is a “don’t do what Jay did” story: When Jay went off to Hawaii for work last year, he tried the sunscreen spray. He thought he had thoroughly sprayed his body. Problem was he didn’t rub it in. He realized later that he had burned everywhere except for the nice spray pattern across his body!

  3. Ann Says:

    Oh Jay! Thanks for the tip, Martha.