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Wardrobe culture of public transport

Wow, I guess I only have three pairs of flats. (If flip flops count then I have a ton of flats.)

Wow, I guess I only have three pairs of flats. (If flip flops count then I have a ton of flats.)

On Tuesday and yesterday I took public transport to work: BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The Bay Area’s version of a subway.

Normally I drive to a parking area close to my house and jump on a shuttle, which takes us the rest of the roughly 20 miles to work.

But the shuttle schedule recently changed, which means if I take the shuttle I don’t make my evening 5:45 and 6 p.m. yoga classes.

(I was supposed to go to yoga last night. But a last minute decision with friends at work had us having a fun night out drinking and eating, which we really needed.)

I decided to experiment this week with public transport. Besides the long ride and the crowded train where a seat isn’t available until people start offloading into the city (aka San Francisco) there are wardrobe issues.

I usually wear heels to work (yes, I know they are terrible for your feet).

In fact, I did a whole feet week on GFG! a few years ago. (The worst shoes for your feet; It’s feet week; And feet week concludes; and Comment Contest Tuesday.)

And most of my pants are rather long since I wear heels, which means flats are not an option with those pants.

Anyway, I wore flats on Tuesday and shorter length pants. I do have a a few pairs.

As I was on the train observing other women I noticed that there is a wardrobe culture for women riding public transport. Most women were wearing pants, which went to their ankles in length, and were wearing flats.

I tried to find information on this topic and didn’t. I, of course, didn’t do a ton of digging but I spent a considerable amount of time looking. But I did find specific instructions on how to take a bus.

I found a blog post asking us: Will you join the flat shoe society? But this was more about “high heel hell.” There’s one quick mention of public transport: … public transport would cease if women habitually wore high heels.

I normally plan my outfits for the weather. And some days it will also be for easy access to and for public transport.

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