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Review Wednesday: Skechers Go Walk shoes

go walk

My Go Walk Skechers while in Amsterdam.

For our recent trip to Amsterdam I wanted comfy walking shoes. I have tennis shoes but I wanted something else.

I bought the Skechers Go Walk shoes. I have a couple of other pairs of Skechers and like them.

The first time I put them on I couldn’t believe how good they felt. They are lightweight, flexible and super comfortable.

The Skechers website says this about these shoes: They elevate the natural walking experience, allowing you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while offering the additional benefit of real world protection.

My shoe box claims this about the shoes: circular sensors flex and twist so your foot can move more naturally; proprietary lightweight, injection-molded compound with memory retention; anti-microbial insole wicks away moisture; scent protection built-in to combat odor; and lightweight.

We didn’t do a ton of walking. But my feet never felt tired or over walked. They were always comfortable and well supported.

And believe me, with some of the shoes I wear my feet hurt, are uncomfortable, can cause blisters, can squish my toes, etc. But not the Go Walks.

I like these shoes so much that I just might be ordering another pair so when the first ones run out I have back up.



I give my Skechers Go Walk shoes 4 1/2 dumbbells.

2 Responses to “Review Wednesday: Skechers Go Walk shoes”

  1. Jen Says:

    Cool! I have a pair of Skechers and they are so comfy — but these do sound “next level”! Was the size comparable to other Skechers you have? I’d love to order some online, but I’m always wary of having to return for fit reasons.

  2. Ann Says:

    Yea, I have ordered two pairs of Skechers online and they have fit fine. (One bought in store.) The Go Walks I ordered online, Size 7, and they were true to size.
    When you put them on it hardly feels like you are wearing shoes!