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Trying to stay healthy in the month of crazy

december monthly challenge

It’s December 1 and the countdown begins to Christmas day–a little more than three weeks away.

Well, we have been launched into a month of crazy. Yup, it’s December 1.

And that means parties, stress, overeating, gatherings, over drinking, standing in long line, baking, cooking, shopping, mailing …

During this month of nuts-O we need to remind ourselves to take a breath and relax (when we can).

It’s important to try to keep our healthy lifestyles this month. And that can be challenging and difficult.

Healthy choices: So for GFG’s December Monthly Challenge make ONE healthy choice every single day this month.

If you can do a whole day of healthy I say go for it.

And of you fail one day, one week or the whole month don’t be so hard on yourself. You can always give it another go.

I took a Restorative Yoga workshop yesterday with one of my favorite people and teachers. I believe Restorative Yoga is important for all of us to take the time to slow down, rest and take care of ourselves.

Vickie gave us a 31-day challenge (for the month of December) to commit to 15 minutes of Savasana each day, which can be easily described as conscious relaxation.

Supported Savasana is even yummier. It’s nice if you have yoga props. But you can do this pose with a folded blanket under your head and and rolled blanket under your knees.

In this video, Vickie talks about the importance of practicing Restorative Yoga.

Taking on conscious relaxation for 15 minutes a day can be your one healthy choice for the day.

Charity: I try to be charitable all year long, but December seems to be a good time to make it part of the Monthly Challenge as well.

And recently I have noticed so many more people standing on street corners asking for money.

I have made it a habit to hand out coffee cards to people asking for money than actual money. I know that they can get something warm (or cold if the weather is hot) to drink and something to eat.

I also put together some Chico bags with water bottles, tuna and crackers, Cliff bars to hand out to those asking for help. I plan to keep those in the car and hand them out this month.

There are so many charities we can give to. And I know each of us has something we are passionate about.

The past couple of years I have played Secret Santa and paid off layaways for people who were very likely not going to be able to pay it off in time for Christmas.

The first time I did it I was in Tucson for Christmas and Marilyn, my mother-in-law, went with me to share in the awesome experience.

Last year I made sure I made the Toys R Us deadline to pay off the layaways before they closed.

I plan to do it again this year.

Many stores will participate in Secret Santa. My experiences have been positive and the people you work with at the store get as much joy out of it as you do playing Santa.

I know money may be tight and this may not be possible for some. But there are so many other ways you can contribute to others this time of year.

It truly is a blessing to be able to help others in any way you can. Whether you donate money, time, skills, etc. It all makes a difference.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself over this month.

You can post any updates below or try out the Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge Facebook Group page and comment, update and converse there.

2 Responses to “Trying to stay healthy in the month of crazy”

  1. Jen Says:

    We must be on the same page today/ this month!

    I went for an exercise walk this morning at 6:30, which is very outside my comfort zone for time-of-the-day. I much prefer going after work, when I can just come home and relax after exercising. But it gets dark by 5pm in our area lately, so if I want to work out outside, I have to go early! I went out this morning, and it was just beautiful and quiet — and I even ran into some friends who are apparently morning people! Anyway, I’m trying to make that an every day habit, just for this month. To encourage myself, I’ve thought up a little game/project, where I take a photo every day at 7am (halfway through my walk today). Hopefully it will be tons of gorgeous outside walk photos. Perhaps some gym photos… and I won’t beat myself up if there’s a still-snuggled-in-bed photo.

    And as for charity, I always try to make a habit of giving as well. For those who think they can’t help, I offer this story: A friend of mine has fallen on some challenging times, and she and her daughter are currently relying on food stamps to pay for meals. But on Thanksgiving morning, we all went out to walk in support of the local food bank — and she brought canned food to donate, because it’s all she could afford to give based on food-stamp income. I get emotional just typing that! I know the economy is tough, but that was just the most heart-warming moment — and proof that we all have something to share.

  2. Ann Says:

    I love your exercise plan. Way to go! And I love the added photo at 7 a.m. with it. That’s great.
    And thank you so much for sharing the charity story. How great is that? We all have something to give–no matter how big or small.