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Playing Secret Santa

toys r us

Some of the toys at Toys R Us.

I headed to Toys R Us today, one of my least favorite stores, to see if their holiday layaway program was still active.

Holiday layaways at Toys R Us end tomorrow. (If the full balance of the layaway isn’t paid in full the money already paid is returned to the person who opened the account and the items are put back on the shelf.)

For the past three years I have played Secret Santa at Christmastime. The first year I paid some layaways off at Kmart a couple of days before Christmas.

Last year and this year I made it before the Toys R Us deadline passed. Their holiday layaway cutoff timeline seems to close earlier than other Big Box stores.

The manager who helped me found two families with younger children with items such as Legos, Hello Kitty mike stand and other fun things.

I love knowing two families will be happier and have presents under the tree for their kids this year because of me (and The Husband).

Someone in Massachusetts paid off 150 holiday layaways worth about $20,000 earlier this month.

In Ohio, a Secret Santa paid off $15,000 in holiday layaways this year.

Most of us can’t pay off thousands of dollars for others.

But whatever you can do for others this time of year is a great thing. No matter how big or small.

The holidays are a hard time of the year so many. And whatever I can do to make it easier makes me feel better.

In our families we no longer give each other Christmas presents. We all have what we need and frankly, want.

So why not help others and make their Christmases a little brighter this year? Isn’t that what Christmas is really about?

4 Responses to “Playing Secret Santa”

  1. Jessie Says:

    What a lovely idea 🙂 I like to buy the pre-packaged food/meal bags at the grocery store and put them under the tree.

  2. Ann Says:

    I buy those sometimes as well, Jessie.
    We will be donating a ton of canned food right before we move. I would rather donate it then weigh down a truck with all of that weight. We can always buy more.

  3. Carol McAlice Currie Says:

    Ann: giving back is so uplifting. The Statesman Journal newsroom today joined with the advertising and business offices and delivered to the Salvation Army food and gifts for three separate families. The newsroom’s adopted family included an 8-year-old girl who wanted a “used bike.” We collected enough to buy her a new bike and matching helmet, some clothing and Barbies, gifts for her younger brother and father and mother. We were giddy with delight, and hope our small contributions create a memory that will last her a lifetime and possibly encourage a life of paying it forward. I hope your holidays are memorable and merry; and we are looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

  4. Ann Says:

    Oh, wow. What a great story, Carol. Thanks for sharing.
    I know one day that girl will pay it forward when she can.
    Thanks for the smile.