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Taking public yoga classes

virabhdrasana II on Bora Bora

Virabhdrasana II on Bora Bora.

At some point this summer when I was still working full time the shuttle bus schedule changed. With the change I wouldn’t be able to make my regular 5:45 and 6 p.m. yoga classes that I liked to regularly take during the week.

I was talking to a friend at work about the new schedule and how some days I was going to need to take BART if I wanted to make it to my favorite yoga classes in the evenings.

My friend said something to the effect of why would I need to take yoga classes anymore since I am a yoga teacher.

Recently while waiting to teach an evening yoga class I was chatting it up with a student. I said something about the yoga studio down the street from my house where I take classes.

She said, you take yoga classes?

Yup, I do.

For many reasons I take public yoga classes about four times (sometimes more) a week. (I also have a regular home yoga practice 4-5 times a week.)

Here are the reasons I still take yoga classes (since becoming a yoga teacher):

  • I want to.
  • I like taking public yoga classes.
  • Since it is a practice it is always evolving.
  • My teachers motivate me. (One of my teachers recently told me that I am conservative with some of my poses and she wants to push me more. With that I found out I can actually go much deeper in many seated forward folds than I thought I could. And I am improving my shoulder stand. )
  • Where do you think I get most of my material for the classes I teach? (In my teacher training something that was stressed as being a good teacher was learning how to “steal good.”)
  • I love being part of the yoga community (and have made some good friends).
  • I learn tools to prepare for some of the more advanced poses.
  • I really like the teachers I take classes with.
  • I definitely do things I would never do on my own. (Think about going to the gym and lifting weights on your own vs. going to a class or working with a personal trainer.)
  • I learn something new almost every class, whether a pose or something about the pose or about alignment or anatomy.
  • I believe taking regular yoga classes makes me a better yoga teacher.
  • I definitely work harder and longer in a class than I do in my own yoga practice.
  • It used to be a big part of my form of exercise each day. (I regularly practice yoga and take indoor cycling classes.)

I know that once I start teaching more it will be difficult to get in as many yoga classes in a week as I am right now. So I want to take advantage of that (especially before I move and have to find new amazing yoga teachers).

Yoga has saved me in so many ways. It has helped me when I have encountered hard or stressful times. At keeps me calm and at peace. It makes me a better and more understanding person. It makes me more compassionate.

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