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Taking on the teaching


This was from my last indoor cycling class at InShape City right before I moved to Portland.

After returning from a visit with the family in Tucson I jumped into my teaching gig at LA Fitness.

On Wednesday night I taught a yoga class.

Usually right before I teach a new class I get a little nervous. My students were kind and welcoming and the nerves went away rather quickly.

I felt good about the sequence I taught them and how the class went.

Afterward three students came up to chat with me and tell me they enjoyed the class. I received comments such as: I am going to sleep really well tonight; I liked the class because it wasn’t too gentle and it wasn’t too aggressive (I’m gonna take that as a Goldilocks and say it was just right).

I also gave them some tips on a pose to help with insomnia. So many women I know have problems with their sleep.

Yesterday morning I taught a cycle class. I wasn’t sure how that class was gonna go because I was using a playlist I wasn’t 100% sure of. But I know I will get in the groove with the music and playlists. As I do I will feel more

One of my yoga teachers told me that I am bossy and will make a great yoga teacher. Thanks, Richard!

One of my yoga teachers told me that I am bossy and will make a great yoga teacher. Thanks, Richard!

comfortable and confident.

No one stormed out so I take that as a good sign.

I got some thank yous and smiles at the end. One woman chatted me up after and told me she liked the class and was glad I was taking it over.

I was also told by her and another student that my volume on the mike was perfect. They could clearly hear me and I wasn’t too loud. (Some cycle teachers scream into the microphone.)

Next week I will be on my current full class schedule at LA Fitness. A total of five classes. Wowza!

I am working to get in at other gyms/places as well. So keep checking My classes page for updates.

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