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Yoga questions with answers

Two of my readers, Jen and Regina, had some yoga questions for me. I punted them to Hilda, who has trained in yoga, is a yoga teacher and a yoga studio manager at the Yoga Connection. Jen’s first question: I work out hard all week with weights, treadmill and high-impact Zumba. I’d love to find a […]

The 8-year lesson

Guest Post: Rob A lot of things can happen in eight years time. Brett Favre could retire, health care could be reformed or Lady Gaga could wear something normal–the point is, that’s kind of a long time! Still, it had been that long since my last check up or even a visit to a doctor […]

Cooking with oils

Guest Post: Michael, who is attending California Culinary Academy Steadily increasing American obesity notwithstanding, consumption of food with fat in it is a necessity. That means use of fat in the culinary arts is a necessity. Fat does many things in cooking, most of them good. “Fat is a good word,” Chef Dan Fluharty said […]

Healthy recipe sharing

Guest Post: Lisa Lisa shares an easy and healthy soup recipe. I had told Lisa that my garden vegetable soup was good and filling. But it has been getting a little old. So she shared another recipe with me. And now I am sharing it with you. I plan on making it this weekend. (I […]

Month of Magical Eating

Guest Post: LisaMy eating policies are generally sensible, and owe a lot to Mark Bittman: Lots of fresh vegetables Fresh fruits when they’re high in fiber and nutrients Vegetables and whole grains for breakfast and lunch, and meat for dinner maybe four days a week Little to no refined flour or sugar Protein-rich snacks like string cheese and […]

Recipes can be modified to be healthier

Guest Post: Alicia, a third-timer! I’m a great baker, but the problem is there are only so many cookies, cakes, pies, etc. anyone can eat before their pants start to explode. All this means is that a girl has to learn to how to cook “normal” food, too. Cooking means saving money and calories from […]

Biking is fun, healthy, free and gets you where you need to go

Guest post: Cyrus, our second Go Fit Boy!Over the past few years, I’ve dabbled in various forms of exercise. There was the year of indoor rock climbing, and the year of racketball. There has been intermittant trail running and this past summer, frequent friendly basketball games. But lately, my most regular form of physical activity […]

Control portions to control weight gain

Guest post: Michael, our first Go Fit Boy! Did you know that when Coca-Cola was introduced in 1886, it was available only in 8-ounce servings? Both in fountain glasses and bottles, 8 ounces was it. Later, it went to 12 ounces, a 50% increase. Then up from there. Now, at convenience stores, you can get a […]

Bikram Yoga eases chronic pain

Guest Post: Jen C. Ten years ago a truck ran a red light, t-boned my Honda and left me to a decade-long battle with chronic pain. Both sides of my neck were whipped around, concentrating the pain in my neck and shoulder muscles–and radiating out to the connecting head, facial and jaw muscles. The pain is […]

Lisa’s workout: Just add water

Guest Post: Lisa I had surgery back in April–doctors went up my nose to remove a benign brain tumor that had been playing merry havoc with everything from my metabolism to my reproductive system–and naturally, there were side effects. Some were unpleasant, like having a stuffy nose and the spins for four solid weeks while my sinuses […]