Healthy effects of music

Don’t stop believin’ … music can make you happy.

I keep hearing this Kaiser Permanente commercial on the radio, which talks about how music makes us happy.

And it does. A song can come on and totally change my mood. I can be driving to work early on a Monday morning tired and kinda bleh and then all of a sudden a fun and good beat comes on and I am rockin’ out. There are the few songs that I hear that make me sad or really reflect about something in my life. But for the most part, most songs put me in a good mood or keep me in a good mood.

And since I am on the this mini research kick I thought I would see what I could find online from some experts. (This is what happens when I am stuck at home recuperating from my mini cold.)

According to WebMD, if you make music, that can help you reduce stress. Apparently casual music-making can short-circuit the stress response.

According to eMedExpert, music can have positive effects on pain management. The article also states that music is one of the few activities that involves using … Continue reading

Should you drink alcohol when you are sick?

This whole week I have had a mild cold. I have tried to be careful to take care of myself. I have gone to work every day as I didn’t feel I was sick enough to stay home. I have gone to work every day and then every evening I have come home and lounged and watch TV/movies before I had to go to bed. Just taking it easy.

I think yesterday was the worst day of my cold. I feel better today. I am still tired and congested. But I am on my way to better health.

Regina, friend and co-worker, brought up my post from yesterday. So somehow it got me thinking about today’s topic: Should you drink alcohol when you are sick? (I am having a much harder time finding legit answers.)

From Ways to Treat Your Cold and Flu Symptoms: No. 5 Avoid Alcohol

On Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever: Do not drink alcohol. It will dehydrate you and interact with many over-the-counter medications.

Since I am having problems finding legit answers to my question, I rephrased on Google: Does alcohol kill germs when sick? From this article on associated content … Continue reading