Elliptical today

So Saturdays are my normal day to work out for two hours: spin; abs/core; body conditioning.

When I woke up yesterday morning I was so tired and dehydrated (did some drinking the night before) that I just couldn’t go to the gym. I was only planning on hitting spin because of a wedding Curt and I had to attend later in the day.

Sundays are my normal off gym day. But I decided to go today since I missed yesterday. The elliptical on my own is not as good of a work out as spin class. But it was better than nothing.

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Are you OK, Ann?

So when you haven’t been to spin class in two months the first class can be pretty tough. Hell, that class is always tough for me. Usually when Jennifer, my spin teacher, checks on me, which is almost every class, she comes over to me to ask if I am OK. But not yesterday, she yells it into the microphone.

Anyway, so yes, I finally went back to spin. Over the past week I clocked in four workouts. Not too shabby: elliptical; workout at home on stepper; yoga class; Saturday spin, abs/core & body conditioning.

I have also decided to put myself back on the WW meal plan. I thought I could just eat healthy without monitoring my food intake. Problem is I have no accountability so I was also eating crap: chips, candy, way too many snacks at work.

Since I am back to tracking my food I tend to eat less crap since I have to write it down. It is truly amazing how that keeps you much more honest and healthy.

I want to lose about 5 pounds to be back to my goal weight. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

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It has been way too long

Wow, sorry that I haven’t updated in more than a month.
Did a lot of traveling in November–Missouri to see Curt’s family and then New Orleans with a girlfriend on a kinda last-minute trip. Then it was Thanksgiving …
I have been pretty good with keeping up with my working out even during hectic times. Of course, not as much as I would like–but still pretty regular at the gym.
At the beginning of December I went back on the WW plan and lost 2.4 pounds in a week. It works if you stay on plan. The following weekend of my wonderful weight loss I had three parties, work holiday party, Monica’s cocktail party and then Curt and I hosted Cheesemas 2008–where you eat cheese and watch cheesy holiday movies starring Rob Lowe. 🙂 So I pretty much threw WW plan out the window. Now I am just trying to maintain. I will be back on a much more rigorous plan in the new year. But I am doing OK maintaining right now. And that is about all I can ask for.
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2 hours

I worked out for two hours yesterday. For someone who doesn’t like working out too much that is damn good.

Saturday mornings I take spin. Then after that my spin instructor teaches a half an hour abs/core class. With the new fall schedule a sculpting/conditioning 30 minute class was added after abs/core, also taught by Jennifer. So I stayed for that class, too.

My arms are sore today. I still can’t believe I worked out for two hours.

But it meant I could eat all my pasta last night for dinner. (It didn’t mean I could eat all of my pasta for lunch today. But I did anyway.)

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6 times

My goal every week is to workout six times a week. Usually it is more like four to five times.
But this past week I worked out six times:

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: kickboxing
Friday: yoga
Saturday: spin; abs/core

My normal sked is 3 yoga classes a week and 3 cardio: kickboxing, spin and advanced body conditioning (Wednesday evenings).

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You come to this class because you want to work hard

That is what my spin teacher, Jennifer, said one time.

I have to say spin is the hardest class I have ever taken. But I make myself go. It is an amazing cardio workout.

After spin Jennifer teaches an abs/core half an hour class. That is a great class, too.

So that is what I did this morning. I feel good. I may need a nap in a bit.

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You have strong abs

That’s what one of my fellow kickboxing classmates said to me when we were working on a partner ab exercise. Thanks!

Person A lies down, feet up in the air while person B stands above A near their head. A holds into B’s ankles while B pushes hard on A’s feet. A’s job is to keep legs straight and in place. And if not A must use their core muscles to pull the legs back in place.

Does that make any sense?

For a much better description go to this link and scroll down to “Throw Downs.”

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Spinning for a good cause

I take an abs/core class on Saturdays at my gym. The teacher also teaches a spin class right before the abs/core class.

Next Saturday is Spinning Nation, four 1-hour classes of spin to benefit the charities Prostate Cancer Foundation Athletes for a Cure; AIDS Research Alliance; Cancer Schmancer Movement.

I have taken beginner’s spin and it was tough. Jennifer, my teacher, is encouraging me to take her spin class next week.

She told me donations are great, too. And I think I may just do it.

I have already made a donation to her.
If you are interested in Spinning Nation, click here.

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Abs of something

So this morning at the gym I took an abs/core 30 minute class. Before that I worked on the elliptical for 30 minutes. That abs/core class was killer. I will definitely be taking it again.

I liked the teacher–she told us, do what you can, rest, and do more. She never made me or anyone push harder than we should. We worked a lot with the balls. I am not the most graceful or balanced person–so I was giggling a few times.

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