Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo 2

I have mentioned numerous times that I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not as gross as you think. Really.

It’s really bad for your hair and scalp to wash it every single day.

Because I don’t wash my hair every day in order to keep my hair looking fresh and clean I use dry shampoos. There are a variety of them out there.

And I like to find different dry shampoos to use, just like with regular shampoo, I switch around.

A Review Wednesday I did in May was on a variety of dry shampoos.

After that review came out friends introduced me to even more dry shampoos with some donations and suggestions on purchase.

I have tried all four pictured and am ready to review them for you.

Just a reminder that if you ever want Go Fit Girl! to review something I am happy to take donations and try a variety of things.

Friends of Go Fit Girl! have given me onion goggles, reusable washable produce bags and dry shampoo.

I will review this in order of least favorite to favorite.

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