Wedding survival

Curt and I are attending two weddings this month.

On Saturday I put myself back on plan and want to lose about 7 pounds. With upcoming weddings that is going to be a challenge for me.

But, hey, I did lose weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas a couple of years ago, for a total weight loss of about 30 pounds. So I know anything is possible.

I get the daily (or almost daily?) Weight Watchers e-mails with tips and stories. Today had an article titled, Wedding Guest Survival Guide.

There were tips from real people about how to prepare for the appetizers, drinks, cake, etc.

I will definitely be doing a lot of dancing–so I will be burning some calories. I will make sure to have a sensible lunch and not go to the wedding hungry.

One of tips I really liked was to scan all the appetizers first and then decide what you want to eat.

One person suggested bringing your own snack. I am not sure how I would feel walking around with carrots in my purse. 🙂

I will stick with wine–fewer calories than beer. And as long as I am not tipsy I would maintain … Continue reading

Trying to get back on track

I went to yoga this morning. It was a pretty good practice and I felt really good afterward. I have to say it was really super tough to get up this morning. But I did it!

And I also attended a Weight Watchers at Work meeting today.

So I feel accomplished in the world of taking care of my health.

Funny thing is I am going out for drinks after work to help send off a fellow co-worker. I am just staying for one drink. (Too much to do at home.)

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Answering Jen’s question

So about two weeks ago I asked my readers for feedback. I got some good feedback. But I was surprised that I didn’t get more.

So, please, if there is something you want to know about me, would like me to research something, just have a comment or have any questions please let me know via this post, you can write on The Wall or you can e-mail me at

We will now move on to a question Jen posed to me recently: One thing I’d love to read about is how you keep your food in check — it’s one thing I struggle with, especially portion size and over-snacking in social settings. What works for you?

Answer: Thanks for this question, Jen. Let me first say, sometimes I am really good about keeping myself in check and other times everything I have learned I throw out the window and stuff my face. So keeping myself in check when it comes to food is still a challenge for me.

What I do have to say is no matter what I am eating … even if it is super unhealthy I am thinking about it. That is a … Continue reading

Still trying to catch up with my water

The weekends are usually the hardest for me to maintain a good amount of water intake. Through in some travel and it is even worse. Add in a party with lots of beer and just forget it.

I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling very parched. After some Advil and a little water I started to feel much better.

I definitely didn’t drink enough water this weekend. And my goal is when I drink for every drink I have I have a serving of water. Mmmmm, that didn’t happen.

Our friends Don and Kristin had an amazing Oktoberfest party at their place last night. Great food, including dessert, and lots and lots of beer.

I do have to say I got some exercise in with some dancing.

(Oh, and, unfortunately, no workout this morning. Being dehydrated is no fun. And I slept horribly. So I decided to sleep in and make up for it.)

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What a wonderful way to end the workweek

I attended my regular yoga class tonight with Suraya. She is such a great and caring yoga instructor. It’s at 5:30 on Fridays. Which is great because it gets me out of work at a decent hour. But I am starting to miss the class at times because sometimes I have something planned.

At the beginning of class we have meditation and she has us set an intention. You can also set your intention for someone else. Sometimes I do that. Tonight I set my intention for Grandma Phyllis. So I hope she was feeling my energy.

We worked on pigeon pose today. It is such a great way to get your hips stretched out. I love the feeling. More and more I am getting better at the pose.

And now I am relaxed and am ready to do some knitting and watch some TV. That is my kind of Friday night. Oh, and I made myself a bloody Mary, too.

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I’m a lightweight

So last night I had a glass and a half of wine and it knocked me out before 9:30 p.m.!!!!!!

The night before I had about the same amount and had to fight to stay awake for that movie Premonition–which wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

I have been getting up at 6 a.m. during the week–to either hit yoga at 7:15 or to be at work around 7ish to make up for the time I take off early on Mondays.

Speaking of yoga … we were doing these lunge things today and I felt pretty confident about my posture when my wonderful teacher Sarah said, Nice Ann! She told all of us we had lovely lunges.

I have to say I am definitely getting better and finding some postures much easier. About a month or so ago I was actually able to clear my mind a couple of times during meditation. I was so excited that I started thinking about how I wasn’t thinking. Dang it!

But lately I have noticed that my slight scoliosis and kyphosis are really showing more in some of my postures. (Maybe I just didn’t notice before.) Especially in plank … Continue reading

Drink up those points

Yesterday was my Day 7 of my week with WW. So whatever Flex points I have left I gotta use them or lose them. Well, I still had a lot of points at dinnertime.

So I made some pasta with olive oil, garlic, mushrooms and brocolli. Yum! And I had a honkin’ 24 oz. beer, which was a gift. Gulp, gulp!

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