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Dry, desert allergies attack

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. I have an emergency inhaler and a daily inhaler and my¬†asthma is under control. Many people who have asthma have allergies or vice versa. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with environmental allergies. (That was a tough semester in school as I couldn’t stay […]

Staying healthy with regular doctor’s visits

Today I visited my doctor for my annual check-up. I was there about three weeks ago for my annual visit. But my doctor had a family emergency so I had to reschedule. I usually have my appointment in the morning. But today was an afternoon appointment. I had to wait almost a half an hour […]

Mini cold

So last week I wasn’t sure if I had allergies or a cold. I think it was a cold, a mini cold is what I like to call it. It wasn’t a full blown cold. And luckily I am feeling almost back to normal. I skipped noon spin class today as I still had a […]

Lunch time workout

My spin teacher, Jennifer, recently started teaching a noon body conditioning class on Thursdays. I went last week and thought it was a great workout. So I went back today. For some reason everyone was kinda sluggish in class, myself included. I coulda taken a nap during abs just about anytime. Once back at work […]