Review Wednesday: Chico Bag

I try to be an environmentally friendly person.

We recycle, we compost, I shop with reusable bags, I rarely buy bottled water and instead have a Pur water filter on our kitchen facet where I fill up my Camelbak water bottle regularly.

Late last year I became an owner of my very first Chico Bag. I now have several.

The bag rolls up into itself into a small pack, which is easy to carry in a purse, backpack, glove compartment, etc. When opened up in full it becomes a good size sturdy bag. And according to the tag on the bag the Chico Bag can carry up to 25 pounds.

I like to carry the Chico Bag in my purse for unexpected shopping trips or when I don’t have my reusable bags.

I usually have two in my purse and have even lent a bag to a friend.

You can find a variety of Chico Bags in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store. There are a variety of bags to choose from like this one and these and even these.

Probably the only negative that I can think of is germs. That is likely the biggest … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: Camelbak water bottle

I have been using various Camelbak water bottles for years.

I like to call mine an adult sippy cup. The water bottle with the built-in straw for some reason makes me drink more water. I have a 16 ounce/500 mL bottle, which worked just great for me.

A few months back I decided to get a 24 ounce/750 mL bottle. And I have to say with that thing I drink even more water than I did before.

I monitor how much water I drink (well, to a point). My goal is to get in at least eight servings a day. After that I usually stop counting.

Most days without fail I hit that goal and beyond. But there are still days where I struggle. But that’s me not the water bottle.

The only negative with the bottle is that it is a pain to clean. You can buy the official Camelbak bottle cleaner at Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store.

At first I just used a cotton swab to clean the inside of the nipple and used a regular bottle cleaner for the inside of the bottle. Then one of my co-workers told me she bought a baby bottle … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: The Tye

The tye.

I first discovered this hair tie at my regular yoga studio, Namaste.

They come in fun colors and are inexpensive.

I have a lot of hair and the tie holds it pretty well.

During any sort of yoga class, hatha or even during an aggressive yoga class it stays in place. In a more active cardio class I had to repony tail it up. But to be fair I have to do that with my regular black hair bands.

I was told by someone who has thinner, finer hair that it works well for that type of hair as well.

While not wearing it in the hair you can wear it around your wrist and looks like a fun bracelet.

After wearing the tye in all of my hair I can put it on my wrist and soon after it goes back to almost its original size.

I pretty much always have hair ties with me. I have so much hair and there are times I need to just get it out of my face.

Along with the black hair ties around my wrist you will sometimes find the tye around my wrist as well.

These would … Continue reading

Want to shop AND support your favorite health, fitness blogger?

Remember earlier this week when I said there was a way you could support Go Fit Girl! even more than you already do as a reader (and hopefully as a commenter)?

Well, today I am going to tell you how you can fully support GFG!

Go Fit Girl! has her own Amazon store. You can use that <– link or you can go to the About page on the blog or you can click on any item in the My Favorites you see to the right –> on the blog.

By buying items from the Go Fit Girl! Amazon store  you are showing extra support.

Go Fit Girl!’s Webmaster (aka The Husband) and I will continually add items to the store. I am already working on more items to add.

If there is something you want to see in the store just let me know and we can add it. You can post the item in the comments section or e-mail me the link at

And thanks again to all of my readers, for your comments and your support. It means so much to me.

Now let’s start shopping!

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And the latest Comment Contest Tuesday winner is …

… Nicole!

The last Comment Contest Tuesday was more than a month ago. I apologize for my tardiness in announcing the winner. Nicole was informed of her winner status recently. Nicole, your Amazon gift card should be sitting in your inbox.

The April Comment Contest Tuesday asked my readers to tell me what you liked about the new look of the blog and any suggestions. My Webmaster (aka The Husband) and I are working to implement many of the suggestions. Eventually it will be exactly how we want. But it takes time.

Thanks again to everyone who commented and especially for the suggestions.

My reader support means so much to me. Truly.

Be prepared for the next Comment Contest Tuesday coming soon. I am excited about this one. Go Fit Girl’s yoga expert will be taking your questions. Make sure to keep checking back for that Comment Contest Tuesday … coming soon.

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