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Respecting, celebrating America as a melting pot

I am proud of my background and where I come from. I am grateful to be American and have the freedoms I enjoy. But I am also saddened and angry by blatant racism we are still plagued with in 2015. We all should be proud of where we came from. But we should also respect […]

Finding your paradise

I literally (pen to┬ápaper) wrote this post on Wednesday (October 15). As a native Arizonan and Tucsonan (born, bred and educated) I spent many summers in San Diego, as did many other Arizonans. Getting a tan, running my toes through the sand and the smell of salt water … that’s my ideal and dream vacation. […]

Discrimination in any form is not OK

I am an Arizona native. I was born, bred and educated in Tucson. I love my home state and am proud to be from Arizona. I am saddened and angry to find out that my home state is again in controversy. Legislation on Thursday was passed in Arizona that would allow business owners to cite […]