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What’s the deal with gluten?

I know many people who have issues with gluten. Some just can’t eat it all. Some have to moderate. My nephew has an allergy to it that can stir up his asthma. Someone with celiac disease can’t eat gluten at all. Someone with intolerance or sensitivity, the science isn’t as clear whether or not their […]

Calming the nighttime cough

Last night I slathered myself with Vick’s VapoRub. I put it on my chest, my neck, right under my nose (so I would inhale it directly) and rubbed it on my feet, as suggested by Hilda. After she suggested that I decided to look that up as I had never heard of that before. I […]

What is a side pain?

Also called a side stitch or side cramp, etc. According to Wikipedia a side pain/stitch is an intense stabbing pain that occurs during exercise. WebMD talks about how to avoid side pains, and if they do occur how to get rid of them. Apparently they occur during exercise and are a “result of shallow breathing, […]