What’s the deal with gluten?

I know many people who have issues with gluten. Some just can’t eat it all. Some have to moderate. My nephew has an allergy to it that can stir up his asthma.

Someone with celiac disease can’t eat gluten at all. Someone with intolerance or sensitivity, the science isn’t as clear whether or not their diet should be as strict. But I am gonna bet those with an intolerance or sensitivity feel better when they limit their gluten intake.

A gluten-free diet might even help people with migraines, ADHD, Down syndrome and other conditions.

I have started to notice more and more products at the grocery are now gluten free, including some cereals.

And I recently ate at a restaurant in Berkeley where many of the items on the menu were gluten free.

Gluten shows up in bread and pasta, but apparently can also be in many other foods, such as cold cuts, salad dressings, beer and licorice.

According to this WebMD article, people need a gluten-free diet only if they have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, says Stefano Guandalini, MD, director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. … “People think that gluten-free diets are more healthy,” Guandalini … Continue reading

Calming the nighttime cough

Last night I slathered myself with Vick’s VapoRub. I put it on my chest, my neck, right under my nose (so I would inhale it directly) and rubbed it on my feet, as suggested by Hilda.

After she suggested that I decided to look that up as I had never heard of that before. I trust her because she is a yoga teacher. And anyone who knows anything about yoga knows about how important the feet are and the many pressure points there are as well.

I really couldn’t find anything that completely confirms or denies that Vick’s on the feet is a way to counter a nighttime cough.

But I knew it couldn’t hurt.

So last night soon before I went to bed I slathered on the VapoRub, took a shot of NyQuil and took a hit off my asthma inhaler, which helps calm my cough as I lay down and try to fall asleep.

I still also have my pillows propped up so I am not lying flat while I sleep. (I like to sleep on my back, my stomach and my side. So the pillows prevent me from moving around a lot, too.)

I don’t … Continue reading

What is a side pain?

Also called a side stitch or side cramp, etc.

According to Wikipedia a side pain/stitch is an intense stabbing pain that occurs during exercise.

WebMD talks about how to avoid side pains, and if they do occur how to get rid of them. Apparently they occur during exercise and are a “result of shallow breathing, not breathing deeply from the lower lung.”

I got one tonight during spin. I know that to make it go away you should breath deeply and slowly. I did and eventually it went away.

What I am reading is that side pains usually happen to beginners. Hmmm, I still get them sometimes and I have been exercising pretty regularly for almost three years.

I wonder if my exercise-induced asthma is a contributor? Well, the WebMD article I linked to doesn’t mention that.

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