Choosing my path …

A week ago was Mother’s Day. I reposted a tribute to my mom and my grandmas as the strong women in my life who helped mold me to be the person I am today.

I have also written about being Child Free by Choice (CFBC for short). I am 100% OK with my choice. But for some reason it makes so many people uncomfortable. Which I don’t get. This is not about you. It’s about me.

I am very open about my choice.

It bothers me that I am questioned, especially since I have given my decision and choice a lot of thought.

(To quote Charlotte from Sex and the City, I choose my choice!)

But what really upsets me is how some don’t realize that there are so many women out there who want to have a baby more than anything and they can’t get pregnant, stay pregnant, they lost a child or children, they are in an unhealthy relationship, they don’t want to have a baby alone, etc. …

Just because I don’t want to be a mom and am Child Free by Choice doesn’t mean:

Enough with the finally

Recently I have known people who have gotten engaged. At least one person (though usually more) has a response of FINALLY!

Sometimes when someone decides to have a baby, the response is FINALLY!

Really, is that necessary?

If someone wants to get married or not, have a baby or not, shouldn’t that be their business?

There are a multitude of reasons why people FINALLY get married, move in together, get engaged, have a baby, buy a house or whatever. These are all major commitments, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. I believe these type of life decisions should be made with an informed and educated decision.

I have to admit that years ago when a girlfriend told me that she and her boyfriend had gotten engaged my response was FINALLY! Guh! I can’t believe that I said that.

I am a child of divorce … many divorces.

Which means I take marriage seriously and I would never jump into a marriage before I was ready. Not when anyone else was ready, but when I was ready! (And, of course, The Husband had to be ready as well.)

OK, that was my soapbox rant. Aren’t you glad Go Fit Girl! is back … Continue reading