Just Breathe

Breathing practice is a refuge.

~Richard (paraphrased) in last night’s yoga teacher training.

In yoga teacher training class last night the first part of class was on back bends (baby back bends) and the second half was on Pranayama.


We focused on Ujjayi Pranayama.

Over my years of practicing yoga I have learned how to breathe … differently.

We all know how to breathe. But do we breathe in the best way? In the most healthy way? Most of us shorten our exhale.

When in a stressful or uncomfortable situation one of the things we can control is our breathing. I call that practicing yoga off the mat.

In class, the mind is constantly wandering. And it is natural for our minds to wander.

A good way to get back to the present and back to your yoga practice is to focus on your breathing.

You must come back to the breath.

I try different things to do that, such as: