Handing out Peanut Butter Energy Balls

I made a second batch of Peanut Butter Energy Balls on Friday. I used the ground flaxseed, which the recipe called for, instead of sesame seeds I used last week.

And I have to say, this second batch is much tastier than the first. I also added a little more peanut butter. I actually made two batches this time around: one with chocolate chips and one with raisins.

I think I like the raisin ones better, crazy, I know. But the raisins are smoother than the hard chocolate chips. Curt and I snacked on them over the  weekend. I think I snacked a little more than he did. 🙂

I found the ground flaxseed at Trader Joe’s in the cereal aisle with the various oatmeals.

I took some into work today for my co-workers.

I handed out a a bunch of Peanut Butter Energy Balls to co-workers today. Of everyone I got feedback from, the energy balls got a thumbs up. (And they could possibly be a cure for Spring Forward exhaustion. OK, maybe not. But they could help, just a little.)

Here’s the recipe again, in case you want to try it yourself:

1 cup regular oatmeal
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Making easy, healthy snack at home

My friend and co-worker Regina let me try a homemade Peanut Butter Ball one day on the shuttle on our way home. It was so good. So I asked her for the recipe.

I went to the grocery this morning for my regular run and to get the ingredients for the Peanut Butter Balls. I found everything except for the the ground flaxseed.

I really wanted to make the recipe and was not willing to hit another store this morning.

(I hate grocery shopping and had limited time this morning as I had to cook a few things before yoga class.)

So I figured it would be OK to replace the flaxseed with sesame seeds. I like sesame seeds, so I figured it would be OK. (I realize there are likely (yup, according to WebMD) more benefits to using the flaxseed than sesame seeds, such as fiber. But sesame seeds have health benefits, too.

I made my sesame seed Peanut Butter Balls today. And they are pretty good. I may adjust the peanut butter next time and add a little more. But these were super easy to make and a good snack, too.

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0 calorie indulgences

My dad, Michael, writes a blog for the San Francisco Chronicle, which I have mentioned before. Check out his post about no calorie indulgences while in the baking portion of his schooling.

Did you read it? OK, so you can really only look at that yummy goodness to keep it at 0 calories. But that stuff looks good, doesn’t it?

I indulged today. After my hair appointment, which followed two hours at the gym, I stopped at Bittersweet to get a Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa. I had no intention of getting anything from Bittersweet … but the sign outside the shop advertising this yummy hot cocoa had me walking in, ordering and paying. And I figured my hard work at the gym this morning earned the drink.

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Biscuits, sauces and blanching oh my!

So last year my dad went back to school … California Culinary Academy, that is.

He started his own blog ¡Que Aprovecho! after he started school. He has also done a guest post or two for Go Fit Girl! Michael was also Go Fit Girl’s first Go Fit Boy!

Well, on Monday my dad (aka Michael) started writing for the San Francisco Chronicle’s City Brights. He has started the baking portion of his studies. And all I can say is I better be getting some of those awesome cheesy biscuits. Though they would interfere with my healthy eating.

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Recipes can be modified to be healthier

Guest Post: Alicia, a third-timer!

I’m a great baker, but the problem is there are only so many cookies, cakes, pies, etc. anyone can eat before their pants start to explode. All this means is that a girl has to learn to how to cook “normal” food, too.

Cooking means saving money and calories from buying take out, but unfortunately my cooking skills are limited.  So I rely on cookbooks and the Internet for recipes and ideas for my meals.

A few things I have found about recipes are that they require too much oil, butter or cheese and the serving sizes are too large.

For example I found this yummy sounding  recipe for Capellini Pomodoro–Angel Hair Pasta Recipe from Southern Food.

Capellini Pomodoro–Angel Hair Pasta Recipe


Muffin portion control

I watched four episodes of Cook Yourself Thin last night.

There are all kinds of great tips and ideas and recipes to try out. But the one that has been mentioned twice and really stuck with me is when making muffins.

Use an ice cream scooper. This controls the portions and also keep the muffins even. Pretty genuis, eh?

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