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Review Wednesday: Brawny Produce Protector Reusable Bags

At some point at the grocery store I had noticed green bags for sale, which claimed they could keep produce fresher longer. My grandpa and I even discussed these. He mentioned he had tried them and they worked. But he didn’t know why. So I decided to experiment with them myself using Brawny’s Produce Protector […]

Review Wednesday: The Boy Who Didn’t Like Bananas

My dad and brother collaborated and self-published a children’s book, The Boy Who Didn’t Like Bananas. Michael, my dad, wrote and John, brother, illustrated. Bananas are nutritionally good for your body. And reading is nutritionally good for your brain. Bananas “are delicious. Not to mention that they’re very nutritious.” A¬†medium-sized banana¬†has about 100 calories, 3 […]

I’ve gone bananas

Today’s post is all about bananas. Bananas have been an integral part of my life lately. For some reason I have been eating a lot of bananas–mostly with my breakfast. I usually have this bad habit of buying bananas and never eating them and then they go bad and I have to throw them away. […]